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Default Re: Season Three: Tell them what ya want?

+a million to calls for more Lena, and her not to become a villain (and for the secret to go away, is she the only member of the recurring cast who doesn't know that Kara is Supergirl, at this point?). I kind of dread the thought of her turning into a villain, particularly because of the revelation that Kara is Supergirl...

Also, either get rid of James/Guardian, or figure out something to do with him. If Cat Grant is back, he's going to get pushed out of that fancy office, so perhaps him working for the DEO is a solution. Or, yeah, put on a bus to Metropolis. He's just not working out with what he's being given by the storyline, IMO. If he's supposed to be Jimmy Olsen, and Mon-El's not around to fight for limited 'guy friend' screen time in the next season, maybe he can get powered up in various funny ways, like the comic book Jimmy Olsen (who has had powers like elasticity, giant turtle dude, covered with quills, etc. over the years).

More original villains, or villains who aren't Superman-specific threats. Kara could benefit from a recurring Rogue's Gallery.

At least one other super-powered female rival / competitor. So far, Kara's super-friends tend to be dudes like Martian Manhunter or Mon-El. It might be neat to see her have to deal with a rival, perhaps even feel a touch of jealousy, if someone like Power Girl is introduced (or perhaps a White Martian could show up disguised as a human superhero who seems to be more powerful, prettier, etc. and 'steals Kara's thunder,' so to speak).

Find something to do with Winn. He's gone from comedy gold to boring. Like James/Guardian, he either needs more to do, or to be pushed out the door.

As much as I love the character of Martian Manhunter, the writers seem increasingly stuck for reasons why he's not in the field. Perhaps he needs to be powered down, temporarily, something to do with countering a White Martian invasion of Earth, and inspired by the Luthor-tech used to bar the Daxamites from Earth? He wouldn't need to clunkily exposit he can't make it to a scene in time (and then more time passes while Kara chats and postures that makes it clear he *could have* if he'd actually left when he said that) or be stuck in another coma, just to keep him from showing up and dominating the scene, if he wasn't so powerful. It might even benefit James and Winn and Alex if J'ohn's (temporarily!) 'just one of the guys.' (He might have more tolerance for Guardian trying to be a hero without super-powers, in particular, if he's no longer got all of Superman's powers, plus can walk through walls, shapechange, and is a telepath...)

No season long single arc, please. Multiple shorter arcs work better, IMO. A 22 episode recurring villain just begs the question of what the heck they are farting around and waiting half the year for, and why the heck the hero is ignoring them for *half a year* before May comes around and they are finally allowed to take the gloves off and punch face. It just makes the villain look like a non-threat and the hero look un-heroic and too wrapped up in their personal dramas to actually confront the villain, both of them standing around / stalling for narrative reasons. (This has been a recurring problem with shows like Buffy or Smallville. The villain makes a big splash in the first few episodes, and the hero swears that they'll stop them from hurting people or whatever. Then the villain hurts/kills people. And the hero swears that won't happen again. Then the villain hurts/kills more people, because the season's only halfway done, and the hero isn't allowed to confront them yet. And the hero pouts and stamps their feet and clenches their jaw and swears to stop them. And then farts around and does not for another couple of the months while the villain continues to run around doing whatever the hell they want, unopposed. And Set, watching the show, wonders if the people the hero is so busy not protecting would be better served leaving the WB-verse and heading for another channel, where when a hero says, "I'm not going to let that happen!" they then actually *do something*...)

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