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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Phoenix stumbles and is moving slow due to both knees being blown out. In obvious pain and getting close to treatment time Phoenix then falls over the side of a hill into a ravine.

Phoenix looks up barely conscious and says in a ragged pained voice, " can't end like this....not like....."

Just then an unmarked black helicopter in whisper mode appears overhead along with two other stealth SUVs over the ravine.

Several people dressed in black suits and dark glasses exit the SUVs. One of them stands over the ravine and sees Phoenix laying on the ground.

He says to one of the people next to him, "All-right get him out of there on the double and get him back to HQ everything is ready for him."

He pulls out a cell-phone and dials a number. He says, "We found him in the area you suspected sir...he in a very weakened state and we're prepping to bring him now...ETA 20 minutes. Right Sir."

He hangs up the phone and continues to supervise the operation.

Back at The Church

Eve returns and sees Brother Cecil studying the journals and reports Brother Paul left behind.

She says, "Find anything interesting."

Cecil looks up and says, "A few nuggets here and there. He really was rather fond of you."

Eve smiles and says, "That went both ways."

Deacon Hawk enters the room stone-faced and Brother Cecil asks, "What's the problem Deacon?"

Deacon drops a folder on the table and says, "This is the problem."

Eve looks over the pictures and realizes in an instant what she is seeing.

She asks, "How long ago?"

Hawk replies, "About 30 minutes ago."

Eve says, "I'm on my way there."

Hawk says, "Go ahead, but Phoenix is already gone and there are indications that there were others in the area."

Eve says, "Meaning someone is helping him now."

Hawk nods and says, "Yes it does. Someone powerful enough to clean up the scene and get him out of there."

Eve nods and says, "I'll take a look around and see what I can find."

Hawk says, "Keep in touch Eve."

Eve prepares to leave the room and says to Hawk, "You're not really surprised by this. Are you?"

Hawk looks at her and says, "I wish I was."

Eve exits the room and rides off on The Serpent to the scene of Phoenix's escape.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16
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