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Default Questions about the Defenders (spoilers)

Just watched the season finale, it was gorgeous.
I have just 3 questions:

1- Have you ever noticed that Jessica's superhuman strength was inconsistent through the episodes? Sometimes she looked super-strong as she is supposed to be, sometimes not.
Especially against Elektra.

2- Elektra has superhuman strength as Black Sky, I guess. Right? By the way, during the final-final fight with the Defenders, she kicked Jessica Jones and Jessica's body just flew away against the floor. Did I see that sequence in the right way? It was very fast, very fast editing.

3- Everyone in the world watched Danny's symbol on his chest. Policemen, I mean. That truly sucked. How will he create a secret identity now?

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Default Re: Questions about the Defenders (spoilers)

Yes, Elektra did seem to have superpowers. This is never explained, but its pretty obviously part of the Black Sky package.

As for Danny, why would he need a secret ID? As long as he doesn't do anything stupid ( hah! *ahem* ), he should be fine. After all, he has the ultimate superpower: Rich White Dude. Or more seriously, he shouldn't need a mask anymore than Luke Cage does.

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Default Re: Questions about the Defenders (spoilers)

They did seem to imply Elektra has super strength, really wished they went into more detail with what the Black Sky is.

Also there's nothing linking the tattoo with the Iron Fist in the eyes of most people. All they saw was that Rand had some sort of chest tattoo.

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