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Default Be Thankful for the Pre-Thanksgiving BOUGHT/THOUGHT! 11/21/12

First off... Happy Early Thanksgiving to all my Hype peeps. As funny as it sounds, I'm very thankful for each and every one of you. Without the hype I'd have no one to talk to who didn't know that Nick Fury is white or that Harry Osborn has never been the Hobgoblin. It's good to have comic book friends, even if I'll never meet any of you

Now, on to the week's supply of comics. I'll start by saying I skimmed the ever secretive (and recently spoiled) Amazing Spider-Man 698 and I don't see the big deal. I saw the ending and shrugged. It certainly isn't the first time I've seen that twist. Oh well. I hope all the Spidey readers out there enjoy it.

As for what I did buy, I got what was expected. I passed on Batwoman and Nightwing, officially dropping the two of them. And I picked up Indestructible Hulk on a whim, though I told myself I wouldn't.

Indestructible Hulk #1 - I wasn't going to buy this. I'm trying to DROP books, not add them, but there was just something about this comic and there always has been since it was announced. I love the creative team and I knew that if I skimmed the book, I'd buy it. So why did I pick the thing up?! So yeah, bought it.

I ended up enjoying the issue enough to likely pick up the next. I'm not saying that this is an ongoing buy yet but it's on my trial list. I enjoyed he art and the story. Waid is a fantastic writer and Lu has always been a favorite of mine. I like the new status quo that Waid sets up here and I like Maria Hill as a cast member (hopefully that lasts). I'm curious were the story is heading so I'm on board for now.

Daredevil 20 - The other Waid book this week was fantastic as usual. It's his work on this title that ultimately got me to buy Hulk. I like this current storyline and love the Spot. Not a big fan of the new look and this issue brings enough questions regarding that that I have no idea what to expect from the concluding issue. The art is great, storytelling fantastic, characters wonderful... just all around great issue.

I just hate that I dropped the book for so long. I feel like I'm new again witout knowing what's come before. But I'll tell you one thing... it's great to be back in Daredevil's world.

Wolverine & the X-Men 21- Man, two issues in a row that bored me. I really didn't care for last issue because I just don't really care about Angel. This one didn't have Angel... I just didn't care for it. I was bored all the way throughout and find myself not interested in the next issue in the slightest. What is going on? Hopefully it's just a lull in Aaron's run and not a sign that he peaked on the title pre-AvX.

Art was good though, as you can always predict from Bradshaw. There's that at least.

Uncanny X-Force 33 - I'm going to make an anouncement that is difficult for me... I'm thoroughly bored with this book. It was my top book through the Dark Angel Saga and I've clung to that all this time, but I've just realized that I've only enjoyed maybe 2 issues since then. This was the concluding chapter of Final Execution I believe (or at least it read like it, and next issue is the last one) and I just didn't like this story at all. There were too many villains, most with no real build up or reason to be there. The story with Evan didn't live up to any expectation I had. The Logan/Daken story here was supposed to be the heart-felt close of this saga but without any build up before it began and I found it to be cold and boring. Logan kills his own son and I shrug. I mean, he killed the rest of his kids a year or two ago so his felt tame.

Ultimately, when I think of his title, I'll think of the first half of it as one of the best runs I've ever read. I'll remember the second half with a shrug, and that's a shame. Personally, I think Rememder just overstayed his welcome. That, of course, is simply my opinion.

Justice League 13 - This was a decent issue. While nothing overly memorable I at least enjoyed the experience of it. Cheetah is established. Wonder Woman and Superman's relationship expands and Batman's apparently spying on them.

This is all building toward the Trinity War apparently, like the fact that Cheetah is apparently working with someone and planned to be captured and is now waiting for Black Manta.

I guess we'll see how it plays out.

Best and Worst of the Week

Best: Daredevil - Man I missed this character. Love it!

Worst: Wolverine & the X-Men - This is the first time this issue's ever been here (I think), unless it was here last issue. I don't remember. Hopefully the series picks back up. It was my favorite for months.

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