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Default Re: Discussion: The DEMOCRATIC P - Part 2

Originally Posted by Doomsday View Post
Then we should take any restrictions away shouldn't we? That is if your chief concern is democracy. Shouldn't we let felons vote? What about people with green cards or work visas? What about illegal immigrants? Some of them have been here for decades, what about their vote? Shouldn't they have a voice? The point of democracy isn't to let every single person vote. We've always had restrictions on who can vote. Should we get rid of all of those?
This is called the All or Nothing fallacy.

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." -Philip K. Dick
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Default Re: Discussion: The DEMOCRATIC P - Part 2

Originally Posted by Doomsday View Post
You're right, it doesn't make him wrong. When he and people like him say that the NRA is a terrorist organization, that we should ban semi-automatic weapons and that Marco Rubio is the same as the school shooter, that's what makes them wrong.
I don't think he ever said that Marco Rubio is the same as the shooter. He might say something like Marco Rubio's toothless stance on gun regulation makes these shooters possible, and that's true. It's also true that we should ban semi-automatic weapons. And NRA's definition is debatable... at very best, they're enabling thousands of gun deaths a year. Call them what you will for that.... crime profiteers? Instigators? Provocateurs?

Originally Posted by Doomsday View Post
But that's the beautiful thing, you can educate yourself. Anyone wishing to vote could and should be able to pass a simple civics test and if they can't they can educate themselves so they can. See how amazing it is??
Hmm, okay... well you go tell the single mother of 2 that she has to take time off of work, because now on top of feeding her children and working hard for their future every day.. she has to self study for an exam in order for her congressmen or congresswomen to listen to her. Just because someone is uneducated, doesn't mean their views don't matter. The opposite is true.. we've failed her and we need to hear what she has to say.

Don't blame her for our mistakes to educate her, or to support her children, etc. She's just trying to get by, and she's an American born citizen by right - she deserves a vote.
The same is true for Trump supporters by the way. Yeah, I think they are misinformed... but they are vocalizing an anger that the world is leaving them behind. It's not their fault that they are uninformed... they're just trying to tell us how they feel, and they feel like no one really listens. They may be wrong, but it's not their fault that they're angry after the world left them behind... its our fault for not appreciating how worried they are up until now. The Democrats should have paid more attention to the rust belt, policy wise and campaign wise. The answer isn't to listen to them less... it's to make them feel like they are listened to more.

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Default Re: Discussion: The DEMOCRATIC P - Part 2

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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