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Default Characters returning for season 3

So, for now, Matt, Karen, Foggy, and Fisk are the only confirmed returning cast for Daredevil season 3. But we all know that there will be more returning cast members. Right now, I'm of the idea that we'll be getting back all main cast members from season 1 and season 2 who haven't been killed off, and there are some other recurring characters we can say are more likely than not to return in some form:

Main Cast Members

  • Vanessa Marianna - This one's already been brought up in other threads, but I think most of us are banked on Vanessa returning for Daredevil season 3. She is the love of Fisk's life, and last we saw of her was Fisk proposing to her as he was being arrested. Fisk even had a protection fund set up for her to make sure she could live comfortably while he was locked up. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if those set photos of Karen at a Fisk protest are meant to be outside a hotel where Fisk is getting married.

  • Elektra Natchios*: This one's a bit iffy, and I'm tempted to just put an asterisk next to her name. But Elektra probably had a role in Matt's survival and delivery to the convent after Midland Circle. I would expect Elektra to have a significantly reduced role if she shows up, if at all. Not that there's anything wrong with Elektra, but she's been the focus of Matt's storyline for about 17 episodes, and I'd say that Matt needs to move on to some new story material to keep things fresh, and who knows if Elektra will have room in the season for a character mini-arc.
  • Frank Castle*: I also want to put an asterisk next to Frank Castle's name. He and Matt may have lots of interactions in the comics, but now that the Punisher has his own established brand, I think they'll try to keep him limited to his own show, so as to not make his own show seem less important by putting major character development on another show. It will likely be something much more arbritray that makes him become the Punisher again.

Recurring characters

  • Ben Donovan and Stewart Finney - I think we'll definitely be seeing more of these two new lackeys in Fisk's organization in season 3. They'll be filling the roles filled by James Wesley (shot to death by Karen Page) and Leland Owlsley (thrown down an elevator shaft by Fisk).
  • Marci Stahl - Marci is one of two characters I imagine being bumped up to main cast role for season 3, the other being Mitchell Ellison. Not only is Foggy still dating her, but she owes her current career at Hogarth Chao & Benowitz to Foggy convincing her to grow a spine and turn on her Landman & Zack colleagues who worked for Fisk. That she's Foggy's girlfriend and aided in Nelson & Murdock's exposure of Fisk gives Fisk every reason to have Marci in his crosshairs. Plus, I'd love to see Marci figure out that a superhero and her boyfriend's former law partner went missing at the same time...
  • Jeri Hogarth - Season 3 will start with Foggy still at Hogarth Chao & Benowitz, so in addition to Marci, I wouldn't be surprised if Jeri Hogarth is a recurring character at least in the early episodes.
  • Mitchell Ellison - Karen is still at the New York Bulletin, so there's no way Ellison doesn't appear. Like Marci, I'm convinced that Ellison will probably get his role beefed up since he's now taken Ben's place as Karen's mentor. I also see Ellison as someone Fisk will try to apply pressure to in attempts to censor Karen's attempts to write negative stories about him in the Bulletin.
  • Brett Mahoney - Brett did have an integral part in bringing down Fisk, since he took Fisk back in after Matt subdued him. And he's friends with Matt, Karen and Foggy, so that makes him someone else Fisk has reasons to hate.
  • Melvin Potter - Matt is probably going to need his costume repaired or even completely replaced, depending on how much damage it took when he was crushed beneath Midland Circle. So I'd expect Melvin to show up for at least that. Another reason I'd expect Melvin to show up is the fact that he originally built the armor for Matt because Matt promised that he would keep Melvin's girlfriend Betsy Beatty safe. She's not going to be safe if Fisk finds out about Melvin's connection to Matt.
  • Turk Barrett - I put him on this list because he's Turk Barrett, baby, and the door ain't been built yet that can hold him back. And I want to see more interactions between Turk and Matt like the one they had in the season 2 premiere. (On an off-topic note, I keep wondering what Luke's reaction would be if he ever learned that Matt is also acquainted with Turk)
  • Father Lantom - I think we can all agree that Matt's conversations with Father Lantom were some of the best moments in season 1. But after season 1, Father Lantom has not had much focus. His only appearance in season 2 was delivering the eulogy for Grotto's funeral, and after that, an appearance in the first episode of The Defenders to illustrate how Matt is dealing with his guilt over Elektra's death and his work reconciling with Karen and Foggy. Come season 3, I've actually got this idea that Father Lantom may be one of those that is maintaining contact with Matt while he recovers in the convent post-Defenders, and will be there when it's time for Matt to reveal he's alive to Karen and Foggy.

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Default Re: Characters returning for season 3

As much as I love Frank and Elektra, I don't need them in this. Frank has his own show now and we've been pretty Elektra heavy from S2 leading into the Defenders. Give her a break.

The rest of your characters and sentiments I'm in agreement with.

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Default Re: Characters returning for season 3

Originally Posted by Kuwolski View Post
As much as I love Frank and Elektra, I don't need them in this. Frank has his own show now and we've been pretty Elektra heavy from S2 leading into the Defenders. Give her a break.

The rest of your characters and sentiments I'm in agreement with.
Yeah, that's in part why I put an asterisk by Frank's name. And same for Elektra: Matt needs new storylines, and I doubt that he'll ever be able to balance out Matt Murdock lawyer work with Daredevil vigilante life if Elektra's still around. Plus, having her be gone would make her next return have more impact later down the road.

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