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Default Top 5 burning questions about Days of future past

1:Who Is time traveler

This Is number one question and we may not get an answer till Comic Con.There are several possibiltys.patrick Stewert changes minds with James Mcavoy.Wolverine changing minds with younger self.WOlverine and Rogue or Wolverine and Kitty Physically time travel.Bishop(assuming that's who Omar Sy Is playing_ physically time traveling(but elimating any crossover between Trilogy and first Class casts) Kitty gaining device that allows her to phase In time.

2;What Is connection between The wolverine and Days of future past?

It's been said by Fox Marvel film Creative consulant Mark Millar there will be connection between films by what? Could the reported Famke Janssen cameo be some kind of connection?Rumor has It it took 3 days to film.Will we see at end sentinles being unleashed?Will It be simply at end wolverine decides to return to mansion?Is It post credit scene showing some of first footage for DOFP?

3:What about the Human characters?

We know from Bryan Singer Richard Nixon will be an actual Character In film.Unlike First Class where mostly historical Characters were seen only In newsreels.It's fairly obvious Peter Dinklage will be playing a human character.Rumor Is he Is playing boliver trask.With storyline It makes sense he would be playing someone connected to Sentinles.Now could It be say Stephen Lang or original Character created for film.Yeah but he's almost certinly someone Involved In sentinles.And who In film Is target of Brotherhood's assassination
plot which If sucessful will lead to dark future?Is It Dinklage's character rather It's trask or somebody else.Or could It be Nixon himself

4:How are 1973 and future scenes balanced

Report said majority of film takes place In 1973.Bryan SInger more or less confirmed that with saying past of film does take place In 1973.But,if film takes place primarly In 1973 how does It balance with future.Like comic does it cut back and forth between the 2 time frames?Do we get an expanded opening lasting between 25 to 30 minutes In future and rest of film In past?

5:Why are James Mcavoy,Michael Fassbender,Jennifer Lawrence,and Nicholas Holt the only first Class actors confirmed for film?

We are a month away from filming and yet those 4 are only ones from first Class(apart from Hugh Jackman) confirmed.Remember a majority of film will
take place In 1973.The X_Men clearly aren't going to be Xavier and Beast and Brotherhood won't just be Magneto and Mystique.The X-Men's rank will likely
be added by 1 or 2 time time travelers.

Are there going to be some recasting of characers like havok,Banshee,and Emma Frost using the 11 year time jump between first class's ending and begining of DOFP?Are since the first Class actors under contract they wanted to wait and announce them and the actors have been told to say they know nothing?

Some people are saying well they will just bring In younger versions of characters from trilogy and characters not used yet.But here are problems

Bryan SInger had confirmed they aren't Ignoring Origins and Last Stand.That alone prevents teenage versions of Cyclops and Jean grey In 1973.While you could get away with teenage version of Storm especilly since exact time trame of trilogy wasn't established.

If you dismiss havok and Banshee as C list characters then what do you call characters like Polaris,Dazzler,and SUnfire?And If you have Bishop as sole time traveler or have time travel be Xavier switching minds between younger and older self you are left for majority of film Beast as sole known X-Man.Polaris having same powers as Magneto,and her connection to Magneto creates problems.And really does anyone want to see her If they drop havok.

And with Brotherhood If they drop them all except magneto and Mystique who Is left to draw from except maybe Avalance and Destiny.Sabretooth and Blob can't because of Origins.Trying to bring In Quick silver or scarlett With or both has problems due to their Magneto connection.They replaced Mastermind with new character In X2.Maybe they would throw In a teenage version of Toad.

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