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Default Re: JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke team up for NBC thriller 'Revolution'

Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray Coming September 3

Eric Heisserer

If your first TV love was Buffy, this season of The Magicians is the adult who looks like that first crush but is into your kink.
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Default Re: JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke team up for NBC thriller 'Revolution'

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post

Eh, probably.

Though, after watching how The Walking Dead has used it's female characters in the post-apocalypse (particularly Lori and Andrea), it's refreshing to see Rachel, who is straightforward and knows what she wants. Even if that is "Avenge my son, no matter who it hurts or the potential ramifications for the entire planet."
The thing is she is still a mega *****, there is no balance to the characters actions. If she was on the other side then sure it would work, but there's no balance, she's all ice face all the time.

Originally Posted by OnTheAir View Post
Just got caught up on the final two episodes...I love this show!

I'm with you, Hunter...I loved me some Nora...I'm gonna miss her sexy self. I want to see Daniella Alonso in a superhero film. I don't know what character...I just know she plays the bad@$$ heroine very well.

I also agree that Rachel is completely loathsome. I absolutely despise that character. What a *****!
I think Daniella Alonso has made her mark with this role, she'll get a steady stream of work now, hopefully something where she is a lead actress, unless she goes back to the character she was gonna play in Rizzoli & Isles before Revolution came up and she left.

She amazingly is even less empathetic than Monroe and Neville, she switches between being a ***** and having this hazy defeatist expression, and it sucks because I like me some Lizzy Mitchell & her chest canons.

I like the curve of the POTUS being introduced into the series. The scope of everything has now changed. How will Miles, Monroe and Neville react? I can't wait until fall!
I wonder if they might have to form an unholy trinity?

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Default Re: JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke team up for NBC thriller 'Revolution'

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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