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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

I think a solo iron man shouldn't happen till phase 4.

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by dru-zod2501 View Post
There is a whole big universe left to explore
But potentially not as lucrative as RDJ Iron Man?

If RDJ sign on for 2 more films let him be. People still love Iron Man. Why not letting IM4 and 5 in to fund the next character movies.

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

Phase 4 is a long way away.... Let RDJ be in A2 and maybe have IM4 appear at the END of phase 3

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

I would have IM4 at the end of phase 3 leading into avengers 3. I think people need a bit of a break from the Iron Man solo movies. That way, it will be a huge return leading into the end of the first avengers trilogy.

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

If Marvel markets the hell out of GOTG, IMO, it could hit the 500 mark. If they tag it as a connection to the Avengers 2, it could easily appeal to non-comic book readers. And if I was Kevin Fiege or a high up Marvel exuc, I would say its a no brainer for a GOTG long as we get Star Lord in TA2, I'll be content.

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

Iron man 4 shouldn't happen till after phase 3 and only if RDJ wants too come back. The franchise is widely successful because of how good RDJ portrays Stark. Otherwise I would back off iron man for a good while. Let the masses start to Lon for it again.

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

At this point I'd like to see Marvel focus on other solo projects besides Iron Man - bring RDJ's Tony Stark in for Avengers movies as a big gun, but they'll have to start rotating a cast of characters.

That more individual character franchises you have, there's a bigger pool to choose from for other Avengers movies. Plus, while I know they've previously stated that they wouldn't be opposed to recasting major characters, it'd be nice for them to go away for a little while before they do so. Let's say Avengers 2 is the last film RDJ plays Stark - write the character out of storylines without killing him so you can bring back Stark 5 years down the line with a fresh face.

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
If Robert Downey Jr signs on for more films, we'll get an IM4.

I really hope it's not called Iron Man 4. I think with IM3 they're done with numbers. They just wanted the first three Iron Man movies to have a symmetry with the titles since they already did and Iron Man 2. I'd like IM4 to be The Invincible Iron Man.

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

I'm personally thinking it be better following Avengers 3, giving a chance for new properties to be developed and old ones such as Hulk revisited.

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Phase Three:

1) Ant Man
2) Dr. Strange
3) Iron Man 4
4) Captain America 3
5) Thor 3
6) Avengers 3

2 movies a year, nothing too crazy.

Planet Hulk is too much like John Carter for Disney to make the jump. And I doubt Black Panther happens because Disney may not have enough confidence in a black character. They probably think there won't be enough cross over appeal. Though Django does offer a solid counter argument.
That has no bearing on the reception of a MCU Black Panther film.
That was another crazy Tarantino film with ultraviolence and taking one of Americas biggest shames in a loud way.

The biggest problem with a Black Panther film is its potential execution.
Marvel Studios are masters at playing it safe. They make fun entertaining movies in a formulaic fashion and really don't take any risk.

IM1 actually did a bit with the way they handled Tony's abduction, but since then it has mostly been fun fluff.
Case in point, The Red Skull.

I rather not see a BP movie if they make it some "coming to america" superhero comedy.

If they have the balls to tackle Wakanda defying colonization and really highlighting Wakanda as a proud independent nation then I am all for it.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I don't think Guardians of the Galaxy will be a big hit. Its gonna be the "Incredible Hulk" of Phase 2, when it comes to box-office performance.
I really don't think another Marvel Studios movie will ever have as underwhelming a return as TIH did in this Post-Avengers era.

The public has trust in the MCU brand.

When TIH came shortly after Iron Man.
IM was a huge unexpected hit but it still wasn't enough of a hit to regain trust in the Hulk brand.

TIH was ambiguously marketed a sequel to Ang Lee's snoozer and to this day a lot of people still think Ang's Hulk is the first movie of the MCU.

Anyways, at this point people trust the brand. If a concerted effort is made to market this movie as clearly part of the extended MCU family it'll do at least as good as TFA $370.

Originally Posted by dru-zod2501 View Post
IM3 was a fine conclusion. I'd be perfectly happy if they never did another solo movie and just had Stark cameo in others. There is a whole big universe left to explore
Some see IM3 as a conclusion, I see it as a new beginning. Personally if I was following up that movie directly the destruction of his armors would signify him retiring but instead his fear pushing him to the more drastic step of intergrating the armour within himself, Extremis style, in order to feel secure in a world where he is quickly becoming outclassed.

Can't tell what they'll do with him in AoU though, if it really is a combination of his prehensile technology and Jarvis AI gone haywire I can't see him trusting his tech enough to integrate it within himself...

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Default Re: IM4 in Phase 3?

Part of me thinks that the new one-shot could hint at Phase 4 with a new Mandarin, the real one in charge of a company called Prometheus who may hire Ghost to break into Stark Industries to gain control of Tony's technology for himself so he can bury his rival. It would be a great way to establish a new lead actor playing Tony by using a familiar villain but not rebooting.

In Iron Man 5, Zeke Stane wants revenge as the second Iron Monger. He hacks into Stark Industries to release the blueprints for all of Iron Man's armors over the internet, hinting at a future Armor Wars storyline as well as steals all of his funds, leaving Tony as a homeless drunk. Demon in a Bottle is perhaps the most famous Iron Man storyline and crossing it with Five Nightmares only makes it that much sweeter. Iron Man 3 was about whether Tony was still Iron Man without the suit, Iron Man 5 would be about Tony losing his wealth and how in many ways he's defined by his riches. Here we have Tony at his lowest point where he's in many ways back where he was in a cave with a box of scraps.

Iron Man 6 is the full real Armor Wars storyline where Justin Hammer and his daughter Sasha have assembled a full team of armored enemies to fight Tony. It would just be a full out actionfest where the new trilogy is completed by going all out.

Granted, I'm not sure who will even be able to play Tony in Iron Man 4 come 2019 as it's a very long way off.

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