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Default WW2 era cap

Hi everyone, let’s stretch some creative muscles.

So I would love to see more of world war 2 era cap. I love the MCU but I am a bit sad that we didn’t see enough of that pulpy era. So do you reckon there’s a way to tell those stories?

Please note, it sounds like Chris is pretty much done playing cap which is hard. I reckon if they’re going to reboot (not anytime soon) recast with a younger cap and say these are the stories that we didn’t get a chance to tell and then move him into the present day somehow when it’s time. Bang, classic cap! No fuss, no muss and no disrespect to the Evans era. Plus we see more pulp cap

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Default Re: WW2 era cap

Likely not, especially since it sounds they'll eventually just go the re-cast-and-continue-forward route rather than any reboots.

It's probably not a great idea at this point, given how Red Skull's way less pervasive a figure in the MCU than in the books, and how it didn't really seem like they met face-to-face over those three-years the montage skips over. Just what we see on-screen.

That and how they decided to go such a radically different direction with both Strucker & Zemo (no WWII links), there really aren't all that many other big prominent top-tier WWII characters left.

The time to do it probably would have been Agent Carter, some WWII flashbacks/story-telling from Peggy or Dugan which cuts to actually seeing it play out on-screen, Chris cameo and all.

Definitely can't see them doing another feature movie though, at least unless someday the MCU "ends" and they start up another continuity with a new actor. In like 50 years.

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Default Re: WW2 era cap

I was as disappointed as the next guy that they didn't really allow for a lot of Cap adventures and stories to play out during WWII given how the first film was done. But I think you could do something with that period in the future. Hell, I think you could still do an Invaders film. Yeah, your scraping the bottom of the barrel with Cap villains with Zemo, Skull and Zola being already used and changed so radically in some cases. The shortened time of Cap in the war also hurts as compared to the comics. Still, I think it's doable. Will we get something like that soon? Probably not, but if they recast the part I think a smart play would be to first have a WWII era film with the new face of Cap or at least a film that shows us the new actor during that part of Cap's career in some capacity with a story that is connected to that time in his life.

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Default Re: WW2 era cap

We got a tease of the post war Howling Commandos on Agent Carter. That would have been the place to see that era. Perhaps animation because Combat, Tour of Duty and now SEAL Team series shot with Dugan and comic touches really can't sustain a movie or live action series

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Probably Disagree
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Default Re: WW2 era cap

Animation makes the most sense.

A much less exciting, but perhaps still interesting solution would be a fake in-universe documentary in the style of Ken Burns.

Have the howling commandos in their 70s being interviewed, played by elderly actors, mix in some archive footage from TFA. You can even shoot some new black and white war footage, have Chris' stuntman play Cap while masked.

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Default Re: WW2 era cap

If they ever get the rights cleared up for Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch an Invaders movie would be possible and welcomed. While the first Cap movie focused on his search for the Red Skull there is plenty of room for side adventures over the course of WW II. I would still like to see him encounter the Black Panther of that era and I think Marvel really missed the boat by not having him tell T'Challa something like I knew your grandfather in Civil War.

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Default Re: WW2 era cap

I would like to see Marvel do an Agent Carter movie set in the '50's with that decades Captain America, William Burnside. The classic Sleeper story line from Suspense and/or the Mad Bomb could make a nice basis for a plot, maybe have the Red Guardian in there as an early "super soldier" experiment of the Soviets.

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Default Re: WW2 era cap

A Timely Comics/Atlas Comics cpu animated series would be great.

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