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Default The ferry should have blown up

I'm not sure if this deserves its own thread or if it should be combined with the "Miranda Tate" thread. Moderators move at your discretion.

I watched TDKR again (for the umpteenth time)... and I was thinking... maybe in TDK the "innocent" people on the ferry should have blown up the "criminal" ferry at the end of the film.

It wouldn't change TDK's ending much. Batman would watch as the innocent people's ferry survives and the criminal ferry explodes. Joker laughs and tells Batman "hahaha! your precious Gotham citizens just killed all the criminals! hahaha!"... Joker is distracted, Batman throws him off the building, then catches him, and the Joker's end speech stays the same (except now he mentions that perhaps Batman is the ONLY righteous person in Gotham, since the citizens just showed they are not so righteous as he is)... and TDK ends the same way.


Now, when Miranda/Talia stabs Batman at the end of TDKR and Batman says Ras was going to kill innocent people and Talia responds "Innocent is a strong word" to use to describe Gotham's citizens... it would actually add a huge amount of depth and some sort of credibility to Talia/Bane's goal since the Joker had proven in the previous film that Gotham citizens are not all that great. They DO kill in order to survive. It would actually put Batman in a sort of moral compromise because Talia would have a point and Batman would still be out defending Gotham citizens believing there is good in them (just like he believes there is good in Catwoman, and others)

Additionally, all the complaints about "not seeing a citizen POV" in TDKR would not be as necessary, because if the innocent ferry blew up the criminal ferry in TDK, audiences would feel/know the citizens of Gotham are not great people and their POV is not needed so much...

Additionally, in TDKR, when the citizens start looting/killing/etc the "rich" of Gotham, it would re-enforce the idea that "innocent" people in Gotham are a bunch of lunatics...

The ferry blowing up in TDK would actually improve TDKR's ending.

Any thoughts?

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