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Default Re: Patty Jenkins no longer directing "Thor 2"

Originally Posted by Axl Van Sixx View Post
Man, I hope you're wrong. Historically for superhero franchises, the second film is usually the best of the series, because with the main character established and the origin story out of the way they're free to tackle new and exciting challenges. But Marvel still has yet to prove that they can do that. The only sequel they've gotten to, unless one counts The Incredible Hulk (which was more of a reboot than a sequel), is Iron Man 2 - a movie which proved itself the exception to the "first sequel is the best film" rule and was a letdown overall IMO.

Not only that, but The Dark Knight really raised the bar as well. As much as I get annoyed by fanboys who worship Nolan like a god, he really outdid himself with that movie, transcending the genre and asking hard questions that made the viewer think. I'm not saying Thor 2 has to reach those heights, but it would be nice to see a focus on character and drama that feels natural rather than forced, like they're just making a redundant sequel because the first one made money. Iron Man 2 had that feeling of "well, the first one was successful, and we had to make a sequel, it is!" The Dark Knight, on the other hand, was an outstanding film on every level that stood on its own two feet.

Bottom line: I'd like a sequel to Thor that's even better than the first, if possible. If Marvel can do that, then I don't care who the director is.
In the end, that's what really matters to me.

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