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Default Is Steve Rogers suicidal?

A mostly serious question. I have always wondered this. MCU Steve has shown on countless occassions a complete disregard for his own life acting on impulse in an attempt to "save" the lives of others. More often than not, there is an alternative, safer if not more intelligent option in each of these cases.

Whether he's jumping on active grenades, crashing planes that could easily be landed or jumped out of, jumping out of planes with no parachutes/alone into enemy territory, or telling officers to blow up hellicarriers while he's still in them, I propose that Steve may not have a very strong will to live. And it's pretty obvious why this might make some sense...

Both of Steve's parents died as heroes. His inability to perform the same for the first couple decades of his life, combined with being constantly downtrodden by bullies and rejected by women might explain the man's depression. His face says it all in the first third of CA:TFA.

Anyway, I just find it interesting and even if it's not pure suicidal tendencies, it's very clearly a hero complex with (it could be argued) a reckless disregard for his own life.

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Default Re: Is Steve Rogers suicidal?

I see where you're coming from, but honestly, no, I don't think Cap is suicidal. He's got a real strong sense of patriotism and justice, he loves his country and the ideas of freedom it's built upon, and he's more than willing to fight anyone who tries to take that away from them, hence him trying to join the army despite his obvious set backs. When he was selected for the Super Soldier Program, humble Steve felt gratitude towards Dr. Erskine and was reminded that a good soldier has heart, after the success of the program, Steve was fuelled by the death of Erskine to fight the Nazis even more, and now after everything the American government had invested in him, he feels it's his obligation to selflessly risk his life and act the way he does.
Fast forward to modern day and Cap is off the ice, Aliens are attacking your home city, a city in the country you love, a country people invested highly in you to protect, it's his duty, skip to TWS, he's working for S.H.I.E.L.D, because what else is he going to do? You find out after all these years, the reason you died (froze), is still here, HYDRA, not only does the organisation still exist, but it's been running your country behind the scenes and you yourself have been working for them. Cap is pissed!

For me Caps deal is he's crazy about the idea of freedom, he loves it! He also feels it's his obligation as 'Captain America' to protect the little guy.

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Default Re: Is Steve Rogers suicidal?


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Default Re: Is Steve Rogers suicidal?

Originally Posted by PunyGod View Post
He just shows a willingness to sacrifice himself to save others. Standard hero stuff. Maybe its been overdone.

But I still don't understand why he had to crash that plane...
The controls were destroyed during the fight so it's path couldn't be changed and it couldn't be landed. It had to physically be taken down before it made it to NYC.

Steve is self sacrificing but I don't believe he has a death wish or is suicidal. He puts others first, it's what makes him a hero before he's been given the serum.

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