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Default Cast the Ghost Rider Spin-Off

We know that Gabriel Luna and Lorenzo James Henrie will return. Here's who else should be part of Season 1.

Johnny Blaze - Taylor Kitsch

Why? Because he hasn't had a hit in years. But in his most acclaimed role (Savages) he brought a brutal intensity to him that's perfect for Johnny Blaze.

Roxanne Simpson - Viva Bianca

Why? Because she's great at playing characters who are smart, sophisticated and dead sexy. She'd be amazing when it comes to playing Johnny Blaze's wife. She's somebody who could reign Johnny in while also serving as a surrogate mother to Gabe.

Satana - Eiza Gonzelez

Why? Because she has a history of playing supernatural badasses. She also has some serious chops and was recently in a supporting role in Baby Driver.

Daimon Hellstrom - Michael K. Williams

Why? The scar. The attitude. You can believe that this guy is the son of the devil who now seeks to atone but keeps his edge. Good at playing antiheroes from his time on The Wire.

Drake Shannon (The Orb) - (big bad for Season 1) - Russel Wong

Why? Because there really should be at least one Asian cast member and Russel Wong mostly plays monster-of-the-week bad guys. Here he'd play somebody who can hold his own over a whole season and has been cheating death for years as Johnny has been hunting him long before Robbie entered his life. Plus he's look really cool with half of his face burned off as a prior wound from Johnny which never truly healed and now wears a motorcycle helmet with an eye decoration to hide his scarring.

Mephisto - Christopher Walken

Why? Because he's Christopher Walken and when it comes to older men who could possibly be the devil himself, Christopher Walken really tops the list since Al Pacino was in The Devil's Advocate and Robert De Nero was in Angel Heart. Plus he also has a dry sense of humor which actaully amkes him more intimidating.

Blackheart (who'd appear for all of ten seconds in season 1. Becomes the big bad in Season 4) - Mike Patton (voice) Gheorghe Mure?an (mocap)

Why? Because Mike Patton has the world's largest vocal range of any singer alive today and has done some nasty brutal metal vocals and even vocal avant-garde solo albums which sound instrumental. He voiced The Darkness in the video game of the same name with no vocal effects added to his voice since he's capable of some truly inhuman sounds. As a recurring villain who has a sense of menace to him and doesn't truly make his move until Season 4 when Roxanne is dead, Johnny has given up being a Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes is busy south of the border recruiting Alejandra Jones and Dan Ketch has taken over. You need somebody who can do some really nasty sounds to make it sound like he was born in hell and composed of pure evil. This album is entirely a capella with no post-production added.

That is what Mike Patton is capable of. And as somebody who is capable of turning Roxanne Simpson to the dark side and making Johnny become a Ghost Rider again since Dan isn't very experienced and Robbie is out of town, Mike Patton sounds the part.

This is what he did for The Darkness with no vocal effects.

Gheorghe Mure?an is just a very tall man who can wear a mocap suit. He's 7'7 and a retired NBA player. He's Blackheart without the voice who'd be popping up in very sporadic appearances for the first three seasons, then become a true villain.

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I'm like Deadpool IRL
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Default Re: Cast the Ghost Rider Spin-Off

Also, even though Taylor Kitsch is my top choice for Johnny Blaze, I'd also be okay with Travis Fimmel, Charlie Hunnam, Ryan Gosling, Phillip Winchester, Christian Howard or DJ Cotrona in the role.

And when the time comes to introduce third and fourth Ghost Riders, I want to see Genesis Rodriguez as Alejandra and an really young unknown actor as Dan.

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Default Re: Cast the Ghost Rider Spin-Off

Ryan Gosling as Johnny Blaze/ Ghost Rider would be pretty awesome.

Don't forget to vote for the HOGUN VS. ALDRICH KILLIAN fight

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Default Re: Cast the Ghost Rider Spin-Off

Dasher, Michael K. Williams as Hellstrom is pure genius.

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