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Default Who are the other heroes? (Speculation)

So, in the first episode we are informed of there are others with powers, who are considered superheroes in comparison to Black Lightning's perception as a vigilante. Who do people think are these other heroes?

I think it would be easiest to presume that the other heroes are going to come from members of the Outsiders. But going through the list and removing those who are in movies or have appeared in other CW shows you aren't left with much. I then wouldn't see them doing those like Metamorpho and/or Jade etc who would require a huge budget so there aren't many to choose from.

So whether this happens or not I don't know but I think that one if the other heroes could be Halo. Her origins are tied in with a character who may be on the show already but they could easily change it like they do for most. But I think it would be a smart and interesting choice to tell a story with for this show. How a white, blond haired woman is perceived as a hero where as a tall, black man is perceived as a vigilante. They could do stuff with that. Plus, I think her powers could easily be done. Just change the colours of her eyes to show what power she is using and then just have beams of different colour come out of her depending on what she is using. Just the same CGI effect with different colouring. Plus, her costume is pretty much all black so they'll love it considering they shove most in black.

His partner in New 52 is Blue Devil but I think he would be CGI heavy unless they did a stripped down version and didn't do mug of the demonic side of him. And I also don't think he would be considered a hero either so who the other heroes are I don't think we could guess.

But after Halo I don't know who else they could and should bring in to be new heroes, not the ones we've heard about. I know there is love for Static to come but do we really need him yet. Firstly, I don't want to oversaturate electric based heroes like the Flash has done with Speedsters. We're eventually gonna get Lightning so there's no need for Static. I think they should wait till like season five for him, if they get that far. Secondly, I don't know whether they'll be allowed with him being Milestone.

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Default Re: Who are the other heroes? (Speculation)

Well looking at the list of members for the Outsiders I think it's safe to assume some things. We won't be getting any of the members who belong to the Batverse (ie Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman...etc), none of the members who are main characters in the Arrowverse (ie Supergirl, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter...etc) or any of the main Titans (ie Roy, Starfire, Terra), and I think that's for the best! I mean, Black Lightning won't be overshadowed by any of the remaining members and it let's the team feel more unique.

We already have Thunder and Grace Choi but I can see Geo Force, Halo, Looker, Atomic Knight, Windfall, and Technocrat showing up eventually. I'm not sure we'll see Katana and Metamorpho though, which sucks.

Another thing I can see them doing, is using Milestone characters to set up the "Lightningverse" and I think that would be awesome!

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Default Re: Who are the other heroes? (Speculation)

I can't really think of anyone out side of the mainstream characters. If this is in it's own universe there's no reason to still include the Lightningverse version of Superman, Batman etc.

I agree that there clearly has to have a white hero to justify the comparison made in episode 1. I'm not familiar with Halo but she fits the description. I imagine there going to go for lesser known characters so they don't have to share the Flash, Supergirl etc.

They have to introduce Icon at some point. He could work like the Superman to BL's Batman.

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Default Re: Who are the other heroes? (Speculation)

That is the problem with most of the Outsiders. They're either already in a universe of they're too CGI heavy, I just feel like this show has a much smaller budgets than the rest. I might be wrong but I just have that feeling. So characters like Metamorpho and Jade would be too expensive.

But yeah Windfall is probably the next best option after Halo because of her power set but it might mean a change in origin as it would take a while to be able to have her change of heart be felt by the audience. And then maybe Atomic Knight. Have him be a government sanctioned who is sent to arrest Black Lightning after he kills Tobias Whale publicly at the end of season 1. And then after starting as an antagonist Atomic Knight is convinced by BL to help in the fight against Lady Eve.

And yes, I was going to suggest having the Lightning-verse be a sort of entry point for Milestone characters if allowed. But again, it would be very costly to show both Icon and Rocket who are the two heroes most likely to be adapted after Static.

But yeah in terms of characters being mentioned Looker and Lady Eve have been mentioned. Looker as a character in a comic so I presume she's not an actual hero. And then Lady Eve, could this mean the 100 are a subordinate of the Cult of Kobra. That would be a cool way of expanding the story and an easy way of bringing in villains. The second Syonide being a minion of Whale, and the third being a minion of Lady Eve. I could see Syonide surviving the season and going on to work for Lady Eve.

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Default Re: Who are the other heroes? (Speculation)

I think they could bring Air Wave in. He should not be too expensive.

Of course he would have to be updated for the modern-era, so probably somebody who saw combat in Afghanistan, and comes back. Maybe he goes along the same path as Khalil? To fix a war injury?

Then Black Lightning can be a hotspot for more obscure characters, heroes, and villains that even D.C. has had on the shelf for a while.

In terms of people being mentioned, I think it could be interesting for them to use Static Shock, but as a hero who has already been established. Jefferson took a 9 year hiatus, stuff would have happened in that timeframe.

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