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Default Re: The Captain America: Civil War News & Speculation Thread TAG SPOILERS! - - Part 2

Thank you! It's always nice to talk with someone, who understands you.

Right, but she thought she was working for her Country.
I still think that SHIELD and CIA are two pretty different things. Like, SHILED is Peggy's legacy. CIA is... Well, I don't even properly understand what were they doing in Berlin, tbh. It must have been Interpol instead.
Crossbones puts the gun to the guys head, and Sharon walks over and pulls her gun out, then all the other agents pulled their guns after. It was really quick, so it wasn't too obvious.
Well, yeah, Sharon was the first, but I don't believe that the other agents would have let CB kill the guy. They all followed Cap (Captain's orders), not Sharon alone. Many (in other rooms) died for Cap, so...
I guess I thought the "loving her job" part in Civil War was when she was walking with Steve to the elevator and she was talking about how she wanted to do what she does since she was little...
Yeah. But far from always adults love the work they dreamed of as a child.
And you might make this conclusion from her line here... But all of her following actions actually debunk it. Which is a shame.
There was never, not once, a scene shown in that movie that showed her loyal to her job.
This is one of my huge disappointments. Like, comic-books Sharon has always been about her work being her #1 love. She prioritizes her work over her love life.
But in Civil War it's completely the opposite. And it's not simply just because she helps Cap, but the way she does it. When Cap tells her she's gonna lose her job and go on the run, there is no hint of any regret whatsoever. She's never been shown struggling between Cap and her job, she never thinks how to make her boss do the right thing, how to help Cap and catch Zemo legally. She never tries any of that and it very much contradicts all the previous hints that she might love her work very much.
Like if you think from the very start that your boss is wrong and Cap is right, then why have you been working there for so long? Why don't you give your boss a credit of a doubt, if you believe in your job?
That really sucks. Thy should have fit that scene in. It would have explained a few things lol. They get a "What were they thinking?!" for that.
They didn't have any time for her development and instead of showing respect to the character and omitting her from the movie altogether, they turned her into plot- and LI-device. They've made her character being all about Steve and that sucks. The worst way to depict your female character is to make her revolve around a man.
I am not a Sharon fan, I just like to try to fill in the tiny plot holes this movie has.
I just don't think that the lack of proper explanation of the way team IM found team Cap is a tiny plot hole. I still think it's rather significant.
And yeah, I agree, I like to speculate too. It's just that it's very hard to speculate regarding Sharon, since we know so little about her. It's not like with the other well-established characters. And I really don't want to use 'What Would Peggy Do' regarding her. It makes me feel like the creators have given Steve a consolation prize, since he is unable to have Peggy.

I still think that Sharon Carter is the biggest mistake the Russos have made in the MCU so far. She was fine in TWS, but CW screwed her up. Maybe it's one of the reasons why I like TWS more than CW. TWS was almost perfect, but CW has too many missing parts for my taste.

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Default Re: The Captain America: Civil War News & Speculation Thread TAG SPOILERS! - - Part 2

I did like her in TWS as well. I was hoping for more of a career oriented character arc with her in CW as well.
It pisses me off too because, and I hate saying this, but Marvel needs more females kicking ass in their movies.
Not a female shoe horned in as just a Love interest. Or shoe horned in just to check off a box on the PC list.
Sharon was already established, and they could have done more with her. They could of easily taken out the awkward dreamy eyed fan girl scenes & replace with a story for her.

Black Widow was much better in CW than both Avenger movies. I hope they continue her that way. I am really looking forward to Captain Marvel too.

I say plot holes in CW are tiny because I am bias since it's my favorite movie haha. I try to convince myself that some of them are not as big as they actually are.

Yes, getting to the airport scene took me about 3 or 4 viewings before I settled on the easiest path. BW discretely shadowed Sharon for the day.
That leaves less questions than anything else. But still leaves questions.

I'm just grateful that the Russos are doing both IW movies. So I let things slide on CW in hopes they learn from the errors & tweak things.
CW is the film I wish the previous Avengers were. That was my dirty little secret for soo long. The years I wished for an Avengers movie & how excited I was when they actually announced it would happen.
They were not what I had hoped. I liked them because it was the Avengers. I just assumed that's the best these movies can & will get. Then CW came out and I was a believer again!
I think that's why I give a lot of it's issues a pass. Because all in all, it's a fantastic movie. I still watch it at least once a week. It's my go to movie when I don't know what to watch. I rambled again my bad

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Default Re: The Captain America: Civil War News & Speculation Thread TAG SPOILERS! - - Part 2

Watching this since the last time I saw it when it first came out in theaters

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Default Re: The Captain America: Civil War News & Speculation Thread TAG SPOILERS! - - Part 2

I rewatch the airport scene (and opening action scene) regularly.

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Default Re: The Captain America: Civil War News & Speculation Thread TAG SPOILERS! - - Part 2

It still amazes me what they did with a young Tony Stark.

I like how they amped up Black Widow's moves when she fights.

Especially with Cap.

Not to mention Wanda. Her look of shock of what happened with the destruction of the building...i felt bad.

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