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Default Targaryen Madness and the Seven Deadly Sins

"When a Targaryen is born the gods flip a coin" is the saying most of the people of Westeros say when talking about whether a Targaryen will be born great or born mad.

I was talking with a group about the odds of Jon being afflicted by the TM. This got me thinking about the other Targs and what made them and how oddly enough they correlate to the Seven deadly sins.

Aerys: Envy. To me Aerys madness stems from his paranoia which correlates with Envy. yes he had a bit of the rest tossed in but it was his envy/paranoia of others that caused his to go mad

Rhaegar: Lust. While on the surface Rhaegar was pretty normal. His obsession or lust (at least in the books) with the prophecy basically broke the realm.

Viserys: Greed. Much like his dear old dad Viserys has a bit of all sins but his defining sin is Greed. He wanted the Iron Throne and was willing to do just about anything to get it.

Daenerys: Pride. While I think Pride is prevalent in all of the Targs. I think Dany, because of her Dragons, takes this but also subverts this. Her love of the small folk and the titles they give her feeds her ego.

Jon: Wrath. One would think that envy would be Jon's sin given that he was raised as a bastard but really its Wrath. He keeps it bottled up well...but when you get him on the battlefield ala Battle of the out the combined force of the Wolfsblood and Dragonsblood comes out. If Dany brings the Fire...then Jon brings the blood.

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