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Default Re: Things you didn't like in X-Men: Apocalypse (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
And, just in case anyone was in doubt that Storm and Psylocke got well and truly screwed over, here's who people were talking about on social media...

Also note the sheer excitement (NOT) over J-Law's Mystique.
This chart just highlights tone of the major problems with how the FoX-Men are done. There have been some X-films they have done that I love, but its almost as if they made a few good films buy accident, because their intent is not to really make a good X-men movie, but make a good movie that highlights certain stars and give them lots of screen time. Logan was the perfect way to put a period at the end of this sentence called the FoX-Men Universe, but since they decided to try once more with Kinberg, I really hope Dark Phoenix is a good send off.

Originally Posted by Flint Marko View Post
Rewatching this now for the first time since theaters maybe.

There's no reason for this ten year age gap, the cast looks the same as they did back in the 60's so what was the point?

In case you didn't immediately figure out what would happen to Magneto's family upon merely learning of their existence, the first scene between him and his daughter just hits you over the head with it.

I think the first thing Mystique says is "I'm a nobody. I'm not a hero. Let's go." Storm sees Apocalypse glance over at the poster of Mystique and immediately says "That's my hero. I want to be just like her." Here's some free advice Kinberg: give your screenplays a once over and make sure nothing like that slips through.

I don't know what's more difficult: watching an actor as talented as MaCavoy bumble like a smitten schoolboy around Moira, or watching an actor as talented as Isaac try to make this character with that make-up work.

Lawrence reads every line like she's hungover at the table read.

The pacing is pretty atrocious. Every scene feels neutered and watered down, which does no favors to a movie full of wooden characters.

Originally Posted by DawnWarrior View Post
Quite right. Only the four main characters (Charles, Erik, Raven, and Hank) get any real development across these prequel films, and they've already been done to death, so they're material has grown stale while the rest of the ensemble is largely ignored.

It hit me recently that Mystique doesn't need to be in this movie at all. You could do the whole thing without her. But because she's played by JLaw, she gets a ton of screen time and even gets to lead the team, which she never did in the comics.

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Default Re: Things you didn't like in X-Men: Apocalypse (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Yeah nothing about her Jean Grey especially impressed me. They didn't do much in terms of developing her character.
Because she wasn't given a lot to do and they toned down her character a lot for no reason. The Phoenix reveal wasn't needed Jean was a stoic. The character was just reacting and watching things being done as opposed to doing anything. I think Sophie is fine but I wasn't emotionally invested in this Jean like I had in X2. They need to give these characters more material, Charles, Erik and Raven should finally take a back seat.

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