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Campeador Boricua
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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

I think if they establish a different look, and put a villain who plum wouldn't be done in Nolbat's series. Someone like Mr Freeze or Penguin or Manbat.

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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

Make the new films to look like Sin City, a cartoon real world look like Rodriguez did.

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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

In my opinion the new film shouldn't try hard to either emulate or be different from the Nolan trilogy, but just be as good a Batman film as it can be and let any similarities or differences happen naturally.

Case in point, Begins. It had a some things in common with the 89 movie - a black, rubbery suit, a car chase, a smoky,cramped noir look. But in most ways it was completely different - story that made sense, focused more on Batman, explained his origin and weapons, felt like a modern thriller. And by TDK the 89 feel was gone.

I would like the new series to move into its own naturally, the same way Begins moved us from Burton to Nolan naturally, being itself without throwing out the good just to be different.

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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

I didn't find ANY similarities between Begins and 89. The setting was eons far from Goth. It was a realistic setting of a modern city and the narrows were inspired by the poor-neighbourhoods of Hong Kong and South America.

The only thing that was similar in terms of suit was the cowl. The smoky look is classic gangster, film noir thing.

The new movie should be like the upcoming Man of Steel, still gritty but more like a comic book. The way they did Watchmen is for me a nearly perfect way to do a Batman movie. It feels weird, dark, realistic but it's STILL a comic book. I feel all DC movies based on the Mainstream heroes can be done that way.

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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

to be honest. Reboot should have an established-experienced batman.

since they aren't using bale (which sucks by the way) they need to have a batman who can fight on par with the other heroes.

who has vast combat knowledge, superior scientific and detective skills - and shows no mercy when fighiting criminals. the bale version of batman was in my view too nice at times and struggled fight cops and criminals.

in the animated universe for batman, i think is the best portrayal was the justice league batman voiced by kevin konroy.

his batman was cold, calculating, smart, deceptive but for the right reasons. he was the team scientist and just a natural leader and tactician.

he's like a good guy version of lex luthor almost.

this new batman has to have those traits. the bale version of batman often relied on lucious fox to help him with tools and science.

i think they should make more references to gotham and wayne enterprises in MOS 2 and maybe a bruce wayne cameo in the film to introduce him and do a world's finest (batman-superman film) that builds up to a justice league film.

and basically it should be similar to how batman was introduced in the Batman:TAS - he is an established batman. and all or most of the classic rogues gallery should exist in this rebooted batman world as well as tim-drake robin, batgirl, and nightwing.

also, the bale version of batman in my view was too nice and physicaly too weak and he was not the cold and calculating batman and seemingly unbeatable human superhero that we got in the kevin conroy version for the animated justice league series.

so this new batman should be closer to the comic and feel completely different from the bale version.

even though i would rather have bale return - i'm okay with a rebooted batman as long as they do it right.

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