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Default Flashbacks, or straight forward storytelling?

I was wondering, and pardon me if this feels unnecessary. But hey. What more is there to discuss at this very moment in time. Seriously?

Anyways. I've been thinking about this for quite a while. How would you guys wanna see this film flow? Do you wanna see this movie proceed as seen through flashbacks and than fast-forward and back again - Batman Begins style? OR do you just wanna see it all play out, from beginning to end?...

I for one, would actually just wanna sit back and enjoy the whole journey, from beginning to end. Just like it played out with Dick Donners original film. Be there from the opening scene on Krypton. See baby Kal-El barely make it out of the doomed planet alive and than just go at it from there, following him and his journey every little step of the way.

While I Love the way they did it within Batman Begins, I'm not sure that this is how I (if I could choose) would wanna see it play out in MOS However though, something just tells me that MOS, like Begins, will also be cut up in flashbacks and such, until the first half of the film has gone by. I'm not saying that this won't work out fine. Just not sure that this is how I would prefer it. I BELIEVE that to truly get in to the psyche of this character, and also to really feel for this superpowered human, they need to let Us follow him from beginning to end. Seeing kid Clark go through all these struggles/conflicts/fears WITHOUT any interuptions by pulling us out of the flow, which could happen with to many flashback-cuts.

I wasn't all that emotionally involved with Bruce Wayne in Begins. Make no mistake, I thought it was badass as hell! But with Superman, I really wanna feel for him. I wanna be emotionally invested in a much stronger way. If this proves to be possible, then this movie has already won! Cause the majority of the worldwide audience will NOT be seeing this coming.

How do you guys feel about all this? How do you personally wanna see this whole ting executed? Flashbacks. Yes. No? Why?

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