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Default My Kang Concept Art

This is my concept art I did for Kang the Conqueror as he could look like in the movies. He is from the future so I thought his armor and tech could look like a super advanced version of Tony Stark's Iron Man armor. His armor is much thinner than Starks but just as strong if not stronger and more organic conforming to his musculature as well as flexible bending where he needs it to at that time. His mask is also super advanced having the armor conforming around every part of his face rather than a Stark's solid Iron Man Helmet. His helmet is made of several parts which I was trying to make look like the stripes and design on Kang's comic face. He has super advanced Iron Man type sight which would allow the actor in the armor to have face time just like Robert Downey Jr. had. The actor I think could do a great job playing him is Chiwetelu Ejiofor from 12 Years a Slave as well as Serenity and other films. He is a great actor and just famous enough while being still an unknown enough to bring people in without overshadowing his role. He could also bring some humanity to Kang and make him as memorable a villain as Loki. Back to the design, I tried to make the colors more singular all having some magenta in them, but I think I might want to make the mask bluer like in the comics. His palms and bottom of his feet (and ankles) are completely covered with a thin layer of future repulsar technology, allowing him to blast repulsar energy from his entire hands and feet but still have the flexibility his hands and feet would need, another way to show he is from the future. I tried to make him seem advanced but also regal because Kang sees himself as a ruler and a king, he would want to look impressive as well as be impressive. Appearance is very important to him. His armor forms like Stark's armor from Iron Man 3, but much more advanced and in smaller more flexible parts. His helmet instead of opening like a knight the way Iron Man's does Kang's sort of evaporates away from his face and reforms elsewhere and then reforms around his head when he needs it to.
In my thinking I could see Kang traveling back in time to our time, the Avenger's time, because in his past he has seen the Avenger's future. He has seen that the events of Loki's Invasion in Avengers 1, the Winter Soldier and Hydra, the Age of Ultron, and SHIELD, and seen how it all falls apart and not even the Avengers could stop it and save the day. He knows how to stop it and has the technology to do so, but he requires total control and for that he will have to conquer the Earth. Instead of being a man who wants power, he still want it though, he is a man who wants power and also wants to help. Like I said earlier, appearance is important to him. He chose purples for his armor because that is the color of royalty and he designed his armor to look reminiscent of Egyptian royalty as well as looking regal on its own.
I also could see sense where Kang AKA Nathan Richards talks to Tony Stark, trying to convince him to his see things his way. They are both futurists and if Stark had the ability to travel back in time and avert major disasters and wars he would, right? He also could try reasoning with Captain America being a man out of time, but I see him connecting more with Stark.

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Default Re: My Kang Concept Art

Why a double thread? And what happened to your Avatar ArtistSean?

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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Default Re: My Kang Concept Art

Great man, I would love to see this in the big screen. Keep it going.

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