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Default Re: SPOILERS INSIDE What you didn't like about Avengers: Age of Ultron - Flaws/Critiq

Originally Posted by Johnny-Oh View Post
Having too many characters was never Age of Ultron's problem, it was pacing and editing. In fact AoU did more with its characters than Civil War but CW feels more focused because Cap is the one driving the story and aside from Iron Man most of its supporting characters have very little screentime compared to AoU.

In terms of writing I think Whedon is more talented than the CW writers, the difference is that the Russo brothers are amazing directors who elevate their scripts.

A Whedon script directed by the Russos would be brilliant.
I have no idea how that post ended up here as I didn't think I'd been in the AoU forum for at least a few months and must have thought this was a CW thread (I've been posting about the having loads of characters is not a bad thing in itself in lots of threads). Must have been reading something after clicking from user CP and not realising where I was. Btw I never thought there were too many characters in AoU. I've always wanted them to add Scarlet Witch and Vision to the existing lineup without losing anyone.

But may as well comment now I'm here. I agree that pacing and editing was a problem on that film. Have said many times that too many characters is rarely the reason for something failing, more often it’s the ability of the writers/directors to handle that many characters. And also like you mention for CW, in a project with a lot of characters a smaller number of characters need the focus and to be the primary ones to drive the story.

Whedon is a great writer, especially for banter like the scene on the helicarrier in the first Avengers, and I think he’d be able to come up with a great script for the Russos to use. I’d prefer if he could stop short of making that one joke too many though as it affects the overall tone of a film and I prefer the slightly more serious (but still fun) feel of TWS and CW as opposed to the Avengers films (still prefer Avengers 1 slightly to TWS as there’s just too much fun right there ).

He probably is a bit better than Markus & McFeely but at least we know those 2 can work very well with the Russos.

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Default Re: SPOILERS INSIDE What you didn't like about Avengers: Age of Ultron - Flaws/Critiq

My only critique is that I preferred the broken-looking Ultron Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver met in the cathedral. I think keeping Ultron in that form, as this imperfect thing that couldn't even help itself yet preaches and actively works toward a warped view of human progression, would've made for a more intriguing villain.

I really loved this one, honestly. Its nearly as good as Iron-Man 3, and a big step-up from GotG and TA.

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