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Default Justice league story ideas

Thread where you can post story ideas for Justice league movie.Try your best to keep it within one post and evenly spaced out .

Ill go first


Timeline wise Id have the Justice league set after the events of the MOS trilogy.
Supermans dead at this time and diverse superheroes have begun to pop up.The World quickly begins to distrust and fear this superheroes,largely due to the Hyperclan,a group of 7 Warrior martians who are secretly disgussed as World leaders manipulating the Public opinion on Superheroes.
The Hyperclan succeeds in painting all Superheroes as threats and this leads to the world government leaders sponsoring the creation of OMACs(using discarded kryptonian tech form the Zod invasion 4 yrs ago) to hunt down,Capture and if necessary kill other Superheroes.Superheroes are forced to go into the hiding.The Hyperclan is using the Omacs to establish totalitarian rule of earth under the disguise of protecting the world from superheroes.

This are very dark times.

But theres hope.

Superman the one superhero the public trusted,returns from the dead and gathers Batman, Wonderwoman ,Flash and Gl to form the Justice league-a group of heroes that lead a resistance movement that protects Superheroes,fights against the Rising of the evil Government and seeks to expose the Hyperclan-They fight for freedom and Justice.

Through the course of the story they find out more about the Hyperclan-They are a group of 7 Martian warriors who have been on earth for thousands of earth.They have been working behind the scenes orchestarting human history-we find it out they were responsible for the end of the age of mythological heroes and now they seek to end the age of superheroes.

After defeating the Army of Omacs and exposing the disgused Hyperclan members-the time for the Leagues Final battle comes.We discover that the Hyperclan have been using alien tech to extract powers from captured superheroes.They gain superpowers that makes them a match for the league(prior to this time they were just shapeshifting aliens.They had no other powers).The final battle takes palce at the Whitehouse with the Hyperclan vs the League.The League however gets a suprisng help from one of the Hyperclan members-Jonn Jozz who has secretly been helping the League all this while.So the League with the help of Jonn Jozz defeats the Hyperclan.

So the good guys win but its not over.In the after credits scene we discover that the Hyperclan had a Secret King who has always commanded from the shadows-The Immortal Vandal Savage.And he hasnt given up yet...........onto Justice league 2.

Hope you liked it

Feel free to comment and post your ideas

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