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Default George Clooney as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Waaaay back when ER was big, George Clooney was cast as Dr Doug Ross. I tuned in one day and saw him on the screen, and my first immediate thought was - that guy would make a GREAT Bruce Wayne. I had never seen him before or heard of him.

Of course, as all now know, Clooney did indeed go on to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in an absolutely terrible Schumacher movie, Batman & Robin. In interviews over the years, Clooney himself has acknowledged a few times that the film is indeed terrible; full of unfunny one-liners, one-dimensional villains, a very camp cast and not forgetting all that neon. It was the complete antithesis of what a good Batman movie should be.

But nevertheless ........................ we know that Clooney can act; that much we've seen from his subsequent performances and various awards he has won. And he's a very big box-office draw nowadays. And in terms of the Bruce Wayne look and style, he has that suave, debonair style perfected.

So my question is - was Clooney wasted in a terrible film, or was he just miscast first day?

I know everyone's gut reaction will be to write him off because Batman & Robin was so atrocious, but wasn't that due to the ridiculous storyline and the direction that the film's makers went in?

If Clooney had been given the proper direction (e.g. a more serious Nolan-style film), could he have made the role a success? Or was he never really suited to the Bruce Wayne role anyhow?

I'd like to hear opinions on this

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