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Default Fun idea- Iron Man as a period piece

Don't worry about setting up the avengers or anything. Set it in the 80s!

Ronald Reagan is the current president. Greed is good. Trickle down economics hasn't proven to be a failure yet. The Cold War is almost at its end and people are getting filthy rich. At the top of that list is billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, right at the beginning of his breakdown

Things I want to see
- Tony with his demon in a bottle style perm
- Bethany McCabe as a dynasty like power luncher
- top gun inspired Rhodey
- pepper with a perm

Mutant and proud.
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Default Re: Fun idea- Iron Man as a period piece

When Greg Weismann tackled Spidey for the cartoon series, he highlighted being mostly modern as an essential factor in why Marvel has succeeded for so long. I think he was right. Outside of the odd period piece, I think it is wise to keep most of the narrative in the present, where it most feels like the characters could really be part of our world.

I can't think of another franchise that does this so well.

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Default Re: Fun idea- Iron Man as a period piece

IMO there's great potential in this idea for a satirical movie, maybe not with an A-lister?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
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