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Default Re: Did Marvel squash the Man in the Ant Hill?

Watchman failed from a lack of starpower. No names to bank on for sure.

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Default Re: Did Marvel squash the Man in the Ant Hill?

I doubt Tom Cruise would've made the movie do higher

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Default Re: Did Marvel squash the Man in the Ant Hill?

Obviously, people don't seem to see it your way since there is no Ant-man in the pipeline before Avengers.
Which is a shame, cause I'd love to see an Ant-Man movie.

This is ridiculous logic. First of all, Hot Fuzz was a small budgeted action comedy from the makers of Shaun of the Dead. Yes there is plenty of reason. There's no reason to assume right now that Ant-Man could make more without some big names attached even then there's no guarantee.
...And Ant-Man could be a comparitively small-budget action comedy from the makers of Shaun of the Dead. And what reason is there to believe that Hot Fuzz would do better than Ant-Man? It's a superhero movie, which by itself is additional draw, which would be tied into the rest of the Avengers films, which is further draw. And hey, not every character would be speaking in a British accent, so that's another plus.

Since you are saying $100 million, you do think its blockbuster material. I really don't think you know what you're talking about.
Seems that the definition of blockbuster has been defined upwards, lately. Look at Hellboy II. It made $160 million worldwide, but isn't considered a blockbuster (Despite nearly earning back double what it cost to make). You yourself seem to agree that the definition of a blockbuster is fluid, since you label Watchmen, a movie which made $185 million, a "gigantic disappointment". You don't seem to consider it a blockbuster despite making over $100 million. So yes, the definition is fluid.

Look at the Punisher movies. Look at Elektra.
They were crappy movies. A good movie would likely do better. And if Edgar Wright remains involved, then it'll definitely be a good movie.

Watchmen was a gigantic disappointment.
Sure, in that they expected to be doing a whole lot more, but it still made money, despite the characters in question being completely unheard of.

And of course Ant-Man wouldn't be marketed the same, but that's a straw man argument, because there's no one method of marketing movies. Not every movie has to be advertised as the next Dark Knight to help it succeed at the box office. Ant-Man likely won't make as much money, sure, but you probably wouldn't have to make it for anywhere near the cost of the Watchman movie, either.

So what it made $185 million worldwide? Watchmen wasn't completely unknown. It was a highly celebrated and popular graphic novel story. It was talked about in major print magazines. No its not super-mainstream material, but it wasn't completely unknown.
And who in the general public even read that "highly celebrated and popular graphic novel story"? No one. You say that as if anyone other than diehard comic fans have ever read it, much less have passing familiarity with it, when that's not the case. And odds are its status as a "highly celebrated" comic story didn't do it much good, as plenty of other celebrated works get put to film, and they still tank just as hard as the non-celebrated works that get put to film.

The fact is that hardly any of the moviegoing audience ever heard of Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Nite-Owl, etc. And unlike Ant-Man, it doesn't have that Avengers connection going for it. And most importantly, unlike with Watchmen, people will get what they expect, which is a fun superhero action movie (Not that Watchmen wasn't good. I loved it, but when people heard it was a superhero movie, they expected one thing, and ended up getting something else, which hurt its sales).

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