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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Bay's been talking about a replacement for quite a while, i have no doubt that the studio wants him for as long as necessary, but if we're going to get a replacement, i hope it's someone different who can still bring impressive action but has a better told overall story and characters that can bring some of the "anti-Bays" back.

Either way, Transformers makes a ton of money, we'll in the very least see this Trilogy complete before they start needing to refresh it again. I don't think there are many people who go see this just due to Bay's name, they go due to the special effects and high scale action.
The anti bays have always been present and they seemingly always go. After and during the second one that much has been clear to me. I think it's a matter of fatigue at this point, same as would happen after 4 straight Jurassic park films, quality aside. The magic and intrigue can only go so far, and when you recast/reboot however soft it's also the sign people kinda have to start anew.
Point being, had this film as is been the second movie it would have no doubt made as much as the second movie(give or take) domestically. There is a larger circumstance at play here imo.

As for bay's name. I think whether or not people actually come for him is less a factor vs whether they see him as the brand. A close comparison would be like making a Terminator film without Arnold. Whether it be this actual person you are paying to see or not, it's not the same brand without him. Bring Jackman back into xmen, bring's that brand again.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.
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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME. - Part 1

But the reason Bryan Singer's return worked was because he had a clear and strong vision, people didn't automaticaly start going because of his name, thing is, if you get a Director that can improve upon the quality and shortcomings of Bay's films, you can get more people to go see this. I'm quite sure that a film of this brand that's not as dispised by the critics would be able to get certain people to go watch it too.

While it didn't have a change in Direction by that point, Fast Five was able to get a renewed interest by the public, changing its attitude that paid off in both the box office and critical reception.

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME. - Part 1

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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