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Ham Sammiches
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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

I'd also love it if he had a heroic death, but he mentors someone else before he goes out. Maybe Captain Lasky?

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Infinity War!
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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

Doubt he'll ever die permanently but it could work for the end of a trilogy/era.

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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

- Bring The Arbitor, Brutes & factions of the Covenant back.
- Introduce new species of Aliens.
- Revamp the Prometheans.
- Hire another composer for the sequel.
- Engineer more original weapons.
- Feature various other worlds.
- Format needs re-tooling. It's getting repetitive.
- Expand on the Spartan IVs.
- Chief vs Didact: Round 2 has to be more climactic.

343 developers have stressed that they are massive Halo fans, and I believe them. Halo 4 had the best plot in the saga yet. Now they have to build on it. The story has to be compelling because the format is lackluster. At some point too; a war will erupt, Cortana will return, unlikely alliances will be formed, new enemies will reveal themselves, etc.

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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

New Cortana model, same likeness, modeled after Halsy again, only like Cortana said, *its not her*, which opens up discussion about AI being alive and having souls.

This Cortana model gets renamed by Chief, who treats her as Cortana's twin sister. Game ends with Chief officially having a funeral for Cortana, talks of AI being sentient life begin, and having rights.

Cortana's new twin sister (whatever she is named) is his new AI for the rest of the series, Cortana is treated as a dead war hero and still reffered to through out the rest of the series, the twin sister tries hard to live up to the service record Cortana left behind, and meet and exceed those expectations.

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