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Default Re: ThDWgeek's fan art

Ok, I'm going to be honest with you; you're not fixing your mistakes. Every picture is littered with the same anatomy problems. Your pictures are Frankenstein monsters of well drawn limbs all placed in the wrong areas. You'll draw a great looking hand, but it's far too big. You'll draw a good looking chest, but it doesn't line up with the abdomen. There's two things you need to stop doing immediately; 1. Stop worrying about the details in your drawings. You're so concerned with things like like wrinkles in pants that you don't even notice that the legs those pants are sitting on don't line up with the rest of the body. 2. Stop being satisfied with your work. It may sound strange, but the fact that you're proud of your work means you're complacent with your effort and will to continue to make the same mistakes. You need to go back to pictures you've done and begin to tear them apart and look for every single problem imaginable.

I did a paintover of your Wolverine piece to show how you can begin to improve your work. This was about 15 minutes in Photoshop, and the results are pretty massive. The new image isn't perfect, but it captures the feeling of a realistic human body better than the original.

A few things I did were flipping the legs around and making the eyes smaller. The face you did was actually really good, but the head was waaayyy too small. I aligned the chest with the abs and by flipping the legs I was able to give him a center of gravity where you could see he was holding his weight. You drew great fists, but they were massive. Look at your original image, each one is as big as a pec muscle.

A few suggestions on how to improve your work: draw your picture on post-it notes or index cards. You need to start working smaller. All your pictures have the tell-tale sign of someone working to big for their eye to catch mistakes. Work smaller and pay more attention to the silhouette of the figure you're drawing. Don't worry about the details until the nude figure underneath the clothing and the shading looks perfect.

Also, this may be unconventional, but a good way to start understanding how the human muscular system works it to start using your own muscular system. Start hitting the gym, and hard. This doesn't mean do a few push-ups every now and then in your living room, this means find a rigorous fitness routine and stick with it. Pay attention to the workouts and understand what muscles are being used. When you do pull-ups, pay attention to the muscles in your back that are being squeezed. Notice the difference in your biceps and forearms when you do hammer curls as opposed to conventional curls. Think about the way your muscles flex and relax with each rep. Think about the secondary muscles being used, ie- even though your legs will do the bulk of the work when doing squats, your abs will also be used heavily to support your frame. When you draw, your brain will begin to unconsciously correct a lot of the anatomy problems your pictures are suffering from. You'll have a better understanding of the body as a three dimensional machine that is basically a system of pulleys and joints held together by rubbery slabs and wires.

I'm not trying to blast your work, but your stuff is only a few steps away from being very good, much closer than a lot of other people on this board. You just need a good shove to get you over that last big hump and overcome some of the mental blocks that are causing your work to suffer.

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Default Re: ThDWgeek's fan art

I agree with a lot of what keith is saying, you definitely show a lot of potential in your rendering, but the anatomy and proportions are a bit wonky. I wouldn't say you need to go to the gym (though that does actually help), but maybe some daily or weekly life drawing could be beneficial. By that I mean, drawing a human figure from a live model, or photo reference, and really focus on the size relationships of body parts, the way the body moves and contorts in reality, etc. Then you can translate that knowledge into your comic book style.

Also, and I'm not sure what your process is, but make sure you have the basic form of a figure built before detailing the musculature and clothing, keith touched on this. You'd want to start any figure with something like this (I would go a bit more detailed than this one, but you get the idea)

This way you have the placement of everything, and you can avoid that look that keith is talking about where you have nicely rendered parts that don't seem to belong to the whole.

Originally Posted by ThDWgeek View Post
I know I have some problems with anatomy, but I do try and learn from my mistakes. I've just turned 20, and I'd love to pursue illustrating as a career, which is why I'm trying to find some sort of art course. In the mean time, I'm just gonna keep practicing and practicing to get as good as I can
These Andrew Loomis books are great for learning figure drawing, and they're totally free.

There are also plenty of great youtube tutorials, and for the life drawing there are websites dedicated to having poses that you can draw from. I won't link them here because there's nudity obviously, but if you google life drawing models or something you should find them.

Anyway, I hope all this helps, you really do have a lot of potential.

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