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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by SpideyVille View Post
Yeah, I was just going to mention that I finally shelled out and got a new DS3 this past week because I desperately needed one.

But I guess it makes sense since the DS4 has features that the DS3 can't do. It really does seem like Sony is trying to cut ties to the past generation.
The only significant thing the DS3 does not have is the trackpad and I doubt that will be an essential function of every PS4 game. The ONLY reason I can see for them not letting you use a DS3 on the system is to make new purchases on a more expensive controller. Both use Bluetooth. Both have the same buttons (Select/Start could be emulated for Share/Option). The headset connection isn't necessary. It stinks especially for minor things such as PSN content and the inevitable PS1/PS2/PS3 bc via PSN purchases or Gaikai streaming. Is the DS4 really needed for that stuff? I think not

Originally Posted by misjuevos View Post
i was talking about the older systems, so they don't just dump them when a new one comes out. they still keep the systems alive. so you don't have to worry about your ps3 it still has some years left in it.
I traded in my original PS1 towards the purchase of a PS2 bc I knew I could play all those games on my new system. If my PS2 was in good working condition, Id have done the same for the PS3. It would be good if I could do the same for the PS3/PS4 bc it would definetly make me get one at launch while resale value for the PS3 is still high.

Originally Posted by Doc Ock View Post

I wonder if Insomniac will ever make a PS exclusive game again? I don't want Ratchet and Clank to be done with.
I think I read that they will make future Ratchet games but I could be wrong on that. I definetly think they will make another PS exclusive. I don't think Fuse will do well unfortunately and will most likely get lost in the shuffle. Not that Resistance was a big seller, but it is defiantly regarded as one of the better series on the PS3 and they were really respected and well known within Playstation ecosystem and community. Plus Sony treated them really well. I wouldn't be surprised if they announced a Sony exclusive project within a year or 2

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