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Yes 128 58.45%
No 91 41.55%
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Default Re: Re-cast Hal Jordan for JL movie? Yay or Nay?

Have you guys seen this poll?:

The ign audience at least would prefer John Stewart by a long mile.

So would the hardcore comicbook audience:

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Default Re: Re-cast Hal Jordan for JL movie? Yay or Nay?

Good stuff. They really should try giving the broader audience what they want. Hal's a niche character that I really don't see much potential in for GA consumption
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
...i like my comic book movies to take inspiration from the comics. Otherwise it becomes less of an adaptation and more of a loose reimagining... So yeah, a completely original story about John wouldn't get me or many other Green Lantern fans excited. Why does that excite you? An original story could literally have any outcome, it could end up much worse than Hal Jordan's movie. That makes no sense to support that. The fact that you would prefer this to WB using elements from some of the many stories that they could draw from is very strange to me, I seriously can't understand your reasoning.
Try harder. It's not rocket science. I don't like Hal & haven't heard anything about him that's interesting to me. I feel the exact opposite about John. The Marine aspect can be used in interesting ways. I'm just assuming for the sake of argument that John don't have too many quality stories. Considering how DC treats him nowadays I wouldn't be surprised. I've tried to get invested in Hal & couldn't. It wouldn't make sense at all for me to be excited to see yet another film w/him now would it? Think about it. Nothing automatically wrong w/original stories. Hell, Hancock was original & did faaaar better than Hal's mess of a film even w/a smaller budget. I don't think Hal will translate well & I think there's a better chance for a good John flick.
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
The fanboy community is growing. You think that the ga are the only ones they should aim to please, but the superhero genre is the most successful film genre at this point, the fanbase is a lot bigger than you would think. It's important to keep the fans happy, as the buzz leading up to the movie will be more positive.
GA likes comic book films that have interesting characters in them. Hal just ain't one of those guys IMO. How was the buzz from Hal fans b4 his movie flopped?
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Wow! You watched JL/JLU and read 9 issues! Now it all makes sense for you to be spending so much time defending a character that you clearly know so much about.
More excellent fanboy talk. You've read more GL books than I have! Awesome! Someone get this man a cookie! Gather 'round him lads! Surely this amazing & special man knows what's best!

Anyways. I'm cautious when it comes to reading John's old stuff because all I keep hearing about is him ****ing up, having rough times, crying, being paralysed and/or trying to off himself. lol. I'll pass for now if you don't mind.

Done w/current stuff for now because they tried to off him for nothing. Pissed the writer off so much he walked. Guess he was a John fan too.
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
In response to your "huh", I noticed that you were viewing this thread as i was posting. But it took you hours to come up with a response.
lol. You contradict yourself a lot, man. You've said you were done responding to me a few times &now look at ya. Eagerly awaiting my next response. You're caring a lil' too much. I'm just words on a screen. This ain't life or death stuff to me, kid. Relax. I'll get around to it when I can. Was treadmill time @the gym. Don't like replying on my cell all that much as it is. Then I was dealing w/Pep Boys. Had to get 4new tires today
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
It's interesting that you're not willing to take a small amount of your time to read one of the stories about a character you've formed such a strong opinion on. Yet, you're willing to spend all this time arguing with people that are more informed than you are.
Maybe if I can get it for free. I'm not paying to read about a character I don't like to appease some fanboy who says he won't debate me until I know more about the characters.... but then continues to debate Hilarious! Answer my question about the animated films please.
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
The fact that you're such a blind follower of John Stewart baffles me, I've never witnessed anything like this. Are you black?

Growing up with JL, i noticed that many of my black friends favorite superheroes were usually Green Lantern, mainly because there is a serious lack of black superheroes. I remember a conversation years ago, with my friend, let's call him Chris, on the playground. We were talking about superheroes, and Chris mentioned that he liked Spider Man and Batman, but his favorite was Green Lantern. Somewhat surprising, as at the time he wasn't a huge character, but i asked him why, and he told me that he's the coolest black superhero. Children tend to relate to characters more when they are the same race as the children. This is why we see black Santa Claus, black barbie dolls, etc;. There needs to be more prominent black superheroes, but the fact is, DC is focusing all their efforts on Hal Jordan, and I don't see why they'd change their business strategy now.
Because it's not working @least not outside of the comics. He keeps coming up short. VERY short. They should just call him Lantern. He sure ain't bringing in the green. The Red Lantern would be more fitting. He keeps putting them in it
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
DC is aware of this black superhero problem, and its interesting to note that instead of adding John Stewart to the JL, they added Cyborg.

And before you say that DC adding Cyborg wasn't because of his race, we both know that's bs. It's obvious what their intentions were. There were a ton of more eligible characters that should've made the cut over Cyborg, but since he's black and since DC is aware of the lack of black superheroes, they stole him from the Titans and put him on the JL.
Avoid putting words in my mouth. I'm black & I agree that's why they put him there. They give us the black guy THEY want us to like, not the one we already do. Every time I try to give DC a chance they blow it. First they erase Wally & now this. John's not favorite character tho(see my sig), just my fave GL, followed closely by Guy.
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Also, Bruce Timm added John Stewart just for diversity, the same reason he added Hawkgirl, also for diversity. The only time WB or DC has ever shown any interest in John Stewart is to make them feel like their company is "PC" and it helps expand their fanbase to black children too. It's shallow, but you've got to look at the big picture.
There's mainly the fact that Hal's never really made himself a must-have member. They knew they could swap his lame ass out &few would be mad. Easily replaceable. Man, it was awesome! They touched on why John was used. He was the best fit. Sad that even the great Bruce Timm couldn't save Hal from another failure. I think he knew when he made JL how corny, worthless, unimportant &failure prone Hal was even back then. Did they force him to make the GL show at gunpoint? Another expensive fail for WB w/Hal front & center. Sensing a pattern?
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
DC doesn't take John seriously. That's why he's not leading any books or starring in animated movies or even on the Justice League. John is a low tier Green Lantern in DC's eyes. They don't care about him like they do Hal.

Kyle and Hal are the fan favorites. You're one of very few John Stewart fans, brainchild. I can barely even call you a fan though, you know so very little about John but are so obsessed. It baffles me. If John Stewart wasn't a fictional character, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a romantic element to the obsession...
Hhahaha i kid, i kid
& I love jokes. Let me know when you have a good one Seriously tho Hal & Kyle are the favorites of the comic fans. Means nothing to the GA & even less to me.
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
I feel I must clarify again, I'm a fan of all the earth Green Lanterns. I want John Stewart to appear in movies. I would like him on the Justice League. But he is simply so wrong for a solo movie. Until he proves himself as a viable solo character, my opinion will remain unchanged.
I only like John & Guy. Not sure about Baz yet. I feel the same way about Hal that you feel about John. Not the liking him part, the wrong for a solo movie part. Wrong for live action period. Until he proves to be a viable solo character in live action, my opinion will remain unchanged. We should just agree to disagree, friendo. Gonna sleep now. Don't worry, kid. I'll probably be back.
Originally Posted by TommyJones1945 View Post
The mask is part of Hal Jordan's iconic look, and sets him apart from the other GLs. In every form of media, Hal has been in, he's always had the mask. Even when he was Parallax and Spectre he still had it. You can't have the mask without Green lantern.
lol. This is what I meant when I said fanboys may not accept it. It's so corny
Originally Posted by TommyJones1945 View Post
Hal is far more interesting and is more complex. Plus he brings lots of complex relationships on the league and GL mythoswise. He's best friends with Barry, His love-hate relationship with Batman, He flirts with WW, and brings to the team an Iron Man-type personality which audiences love etc He also has a relationship with Carol leader of the star sapphires, and his boss. is archenemies of Sinestro and Atrocitus, and has had the most interactions with Agent Orange. There's no way DC will pass up all of this to make an "new origin story" when one already works for them and has basically written itself.
Didn't work for them last time. lol "all of this" is a bunch of stuff fanboys love & the GA don't care about. Awesome!
Originally Posted by TommyJones1945 View Post
What? This entire paragraph is so wrong its hard to respond. But I'll do my best. Yeah, John was portrayed mostly well in JL/JLU I never disputed that. So what? Characters end up in failed projects. Batman had a ****** movie. Superman, Wolverine as well have ended up in ****** movies, yet they are still being used. A failed project doesn't mean the end of a character. It just means you should try harder, and this has worked as Hal has been portrayed better in comics, animated movies and video games. Polls don't really much. Mostly bcus DC couldn't care less and they vary from site to site. People call for their favourite characters to be portrayed in movies, its natural and understandable, but the fact that they called, doesn't mean they get their wish. And just because you don't desire to see Cyborg or Waller, that doesn't mean they won't appear. Their fans seem to want them their. I guess they should appear by your logic right?

Look dude, I don't hate John but to act like he's the best option bcus Hal has a failed movie and John appeared in an animated show that ended more than 6years ago shows total bias on your part.
We're all biased in one way or another. Already said comparing Bats to Hal isn't helping Hal's case. People shouldn't compare Hal to Wolvie or Supes either. They're iconic and/or have proven to be a box office draw before. Hal isn't & didn't. His film cost more but still made less. They should cut their losses. Abandon all hope! Next time it's hard for you to respond, try not responding. We'll all be better off

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Default Re: Re-cast Hal Jordan for JL movie? Yay or Nay?

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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