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Default Re: Game of Thrones General (Non-Book Related) Discussion Thread - Part 1

FINALLY they give Nikolaj Coster-Waldau some Emmy recognition since he was snubbed for season 3.

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Default Re: Game of Thrones General (Non-Book Related) Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by blackdragon6 View Post
I did too, i'm shocked it took almost 3 WHOLE season for people to get connected to the show. I was puled in as early as the first season, what sold me was when i saw Dany getting her dragons at the end of season 1. And Sam encountering the undead hoard in season 2. And even before then their was Black Water.
I thought it had potential... but it was difficult to follow that first season. I didn't know who Jon Arryn was. I guess Lysa Arryn's opinion can't be trusted... cause she is in grief? But like, Its not like I knew her and how hysterical a woman she was. There was a million and one examples like that. The show engaged in a lot of world building right from the getgo, and it took some time for me to be into it. I like watching Season 1 now, because I can appreciate all the context. Scenes like with the dead dire wolf and the black stag now have a lot more meaning, because I know the players, and the sigils, etc.

This was the scene when I really got invested.

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Default Re: Game of Thrones General (Non-Book Related) Discussion Thread - Part 1

Season 1 showed us a scene in which Lysa was breastfeeding her son who looked to be around 10 years old. Not much else needed to be known about her to know that she wasnt playing with a full deck.

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