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Default What could be Marvel's next big spectacle?

After the Avengers, superhero movies have even more to live up to than ever before. Phase 2 is underway and we are gonna have plenty of big action scenes through out all those films, and I am looking forward to all of them.

People talk about super hero box office fatigue or over saturation of the CBM market. I personally don't buy it (because as a Marvel fan I am interested in all the characters), but a few of my friends seem to think that's the case.

So after a movie as huge as the Avengers, do you think any of the upcoming Marvel films can wrestle the throne from it?

I hesitantly say to you all, I think not.

That is not to say the films will be bad. I imagine they will scale down the scope of those films to let the characters breathe. And I know the action scenes will still be great as most of the films have yet to give us reason to think otherwise. But for the general audience, I don't think the singular films will satisfy their need for a bigger, more grandiose spectacle of super hero might.

So what could?

Avengers 2 is the first most obvious choice, but maybe the general crowd (surely ((hopefully)) not us SSH! readers) might get a feeling of deja vu?

I would like to see the planned Fantastic Four reboot really take the cake. They are Marvel's first team, the self proclaimed world's greatest comic team. I recently reread Millar's F4, and with him on board with Fox, if the next film goes in that direction we can be in for a real treat. Seeing as how The Avengers took bits and pieces from his Ultimates run, this might be our winner. But I doubt it thanks to the stinkitude left behind the last two F4 movies.

What I truly, honestly the ONE thing we can see on screen that will dominate the action in The Avengers is!

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six.

What's better than 6 heroes vs. 1 villain? 1 hero vs. 6! A high school kid against 6 murderous maniacs. I think Marc Webb is capable of delivering it on the screen. Using a reverse Avengers method of introducing the villains in each Amazing Spider-Man film for a grand finale between Spider-Man and his foes.

It doesn't matter if the line up is the original Sinister Six, we probably won't see Webb's version of Doc Ock and Sandman. Heck I can't even say Webb will get to film it. But we already have Lizard, Electro, plus the Green Goblin on the way. They can wrap up the "Untold Story" in their planned trilogy, and give Spider-Man the fight of his life in a 4th movie to put Spider-Man back where he belongs, at the TOP of the best comic book movie list.

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