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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1


CBR News: Marjorie, we know Gambit is a character you love to write and in a book like "X-23" you generally wrote him as part of duo. What's it like writing him as a member of the X-Men? Which aspects of the character and his dynamic with the X-Men are you interested in examining? What sort of role does he play on this team?

Marjorie Liu: I'm interested in exploring his role as an outsider to the team. I mean, there are other characters who might be considered outsiders -- like Warbird, who isn't just new to the X-Men, but the actual planet -- but Gambit has always been on some odd footing with the X-Men. His past is almost as mysterious and dark as Wolverine's, who didn't used to be such an angel -- and yet, Wolverine has become a respected figure in ways that Gambit hasn't, and might never.

Gambit chose to side with Wolverine's school-based faction of the X-Men and it seems many of his reasons are based on his experiences as a kid and more recently with X-23. Is that correct? What is Gambit's view on Cyclops' Utopia-based faction of the X-Men?

Liu: I think it's several things. Gambit's role as mentor and protector to X-23 might have made him look as his own potential as a teacher in a different way. Not that I think he would like to teach in a traditional setting -- but I do feel he's seen that he has something, maybe, to offer Wolverine's school. More importantly, though, he's not the type to send children into battle. Being someone who had no childhood of his own, who had to grow up rough and ready to fight, imposing that life on the young -- even if it is a big, bad, world -- would make him deeply uncomfortable.

Mike, in this drawing you really seemed to emphasize both the physical nature of Gambit and his shadowy background as a thief. Are these the qualities you find most interesting about him or are there other aspects of the character you enjoy as well?

Mike Perkins: I like Gambit to be the charming scoundrel. The guy who's maybe not one step ahead simply because he knows he can rely on his charm to get him out of a sticky situation. I also see him as being almost balletic in battle and there's a chance to play around, illustratively, with the movement of his long coat.

We also couldn't help but notice Gambit is throwing the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts. Are these just cards? Or do they provide commentary on the character's nature?

Perkins: Hah! I'm glad you caught that! Yes, they're definitely comments on the character's nature. He has this divide in his nature that has shown up throughout his history and this was a shorthand way of showing this.

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