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Default Re: Post your ideas for Elseworlds stories

Fine how about this one.

Bruce Wayne on his jounerly to learn to later return to Gothem to become its protector decides to intern for poice officer Barry allen. One day some chemicals are mixed and lighting strikes them casuing Bruce Wayne to have super speed. Which he uses to help him learn years of info and training in less time.

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Andy C.
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Default Re: Post your ideas for Elseworlds stories

They've done the whole "Batman gets someone else's super-powers" thing a few times. Aside from "Speeding Bullets," Batman also acquires Superman's powers in a part of "The Unholy Three." He also becomes a Green Lantern in "In Darkest Night." There are also a few where he becomes a vampire and whatnot.

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Default Re: Post your ideas for Elseworlds stories

Originally Posted by SpiderDaniel
That would be ****ing cool to see!!! Great idea, man!
Thanks the end of the book would have had Star Labs housing a clone of Kal-El named Superboy.
Also other things have changed because of Kal not reaching Smallville.

Batman is now a supernatural hero.
Hal Jordon is a pill popping hero.
Wonder Woman is like Xena.
Flash is a joint venture of Wayne Tech and Central City police.
Captain Marvel is the big red boy scout.

Lots of nefarious actors in this international drama.
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Andy C.
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Default Re: Post your ideas for Elseworlds stories

Originally Posted by byrd_man
I'd like to see the DCU thrown into the wild west and have it centered around Batman who'd be like Zorro fighting the represive govenor of California Alexander Luthor, He'd have help from Sherrif Clark Kent and US Marshall Hal Jordan, as well as a mysterious Civil War vet named John Jones.
Like the concept, but something like this was already done in 1997. Called "Justice Riders."

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Default Re: Post your ideas for Elseworlds stories

I have an elseworlds story idea i've been working on
I call it Justice league Extinction

Justice league Extinction
Lois lane is killed by a meta human and superman almost kills him but batman stops him. Superman flies into space without a word. During this time there has been several meta human incidents resulting in millions in damage and millions injured and dead, the government has wiped out the justice league deemed costume heroes illegal and all meta humans arrested on sight or killed if necessary bio terrorists, all the meta humans, heroes, and villains are either dead or locked up in belle reve.

Superman returns to earth 6 years later to find that the watchtower is gone and justice league is no more. The last of the justice league gather to determine what to do. They tell superman everything that happened in the last 6 years.

Cadmas has been using brainiac mind to find out how to create their own meta humans and used cyborg to decript the codes. But brainiac mind is still alive he fed them the science and the specs all so they could build him a brand new body, then he infected it with his evil chromosomes. Cadmas made a superman meta human they named Hyperman but it's just brainiac reincarnated. Brainiac's been manipulating cadmas all this time all that he manipulate them into building him a massive army of metahumans and the ultimate end game weapon, A Nanite bomb. When it goes off it will project over 7 million microscopic boom tubes around the world, each tube will plant a nanite into every living organism transforming them into machines destroying all life and transforming planet earth into Brainiac.

The league storm cadmas to get answers and rescues cyborg. they activate hyperman and a flash metahuman called impulse to go after them superman fights hyperman. within cadmas amanda waller and the board are deciding their next move against superman but hyperman reveals himself as Brainiac and takes control of all the metahuman clones and destroy cadmas to put his plan into action detonating the nanite bomb so him and his army head to STAR labs for a power source for the bomb. Flash, john stewart, harley quinn, and katanna fend off the army as much as they can while superman and wonder woman go to belle reve for reinforcements. They find surviving metahumans and league members; black canary, poison ivy, hawkgirl, starfire, supergirl, captain atom, shazam, killer frost, captain boomerang, and killer croc. they free them and lead them against brainiacs army. harley uses batmans gear to fight the brainiac army and the group is losing until superman and wonder woman show up with their army. Both sides fight each other and the league get the upper hand superman goes to fight brainiac, the two fight each other as wonder woman and cyborg make their way to the nanite bomb but are stopped by a wonder woman metahuman clone. Superman beats down brainiac but he manages to activate the bomb and it flies toward the atmosphere, superman flies toward it and grab it and flies it toward the sun and throws it destroying the bomb. superman crashes back the earth and wonder woman catches him. by the time superman went back to capture brainiac he's already gone and the metahuman clones all just deactivate and collapse onto the ground. A weeks later, the city is still recovering from the brainiac battle and amanda waller is apologizing to the league for what she did. Superman visits lois's grave considering what to do now, wonder woman comforts him, superman decides to rebuild the league with everyone they fought alongside including harley quinn, poison ivy, killer croc, captain boomerang, and killer frost. they all accept his offer and begin to celebrate the new justice league, superman and wonder woman are alone together knowing that they need to stick together now that brainiac is still out there. Wonder woman tells him that as long as she lives, she will never let superman go through loss again. Then superman and wonder woman kiss. END

tell me what you think

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