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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Originally Posted by Spike_x1 View Post

My vision is lined with red and it's hard to see straight any more. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

I came here tonight wanting to prove a point to Bane. A point that one man can make a difference and that this city is still worth fighting for to the right people. But all that crosses my mind now is the question of whether or not anyone has called the police. Of course, I know the answer, but my instincts of self-preservation keep me hoping for the best.

"I will not sully the thought of your admirable resolve by suggesting that you stay down. We both know that you're made of sterner stuff."

He gives me space to get back to my feet, and I don't know if it's pity he's feeling for me, or simply a twisted sense of eagerness to see if I'll really go the distance. Nevertheless, he makes the first move once again.

His knuckles hit nothing but empty air this time, but I can't let myself get too confident. Every moment and movement counts against this man. Even when I've managed to get in a solid hit so far, it's barely even fazed him.

Just as he begins to pivot to see where I land, I strike him in the back of the neck. It's no exaggeration to say that my life depends on never again underestimating how fast he is, despite his towering and bulky size, but I still remain the more agile combatant between the two of us.

I need to use that advantage.

With that blow, I finally manage to raise a pained grunt from this monster!

Now! Now is when I need to lay it on!

I spring back into the air and snap my leg outward and into Bane's masked face, setting him stumbling backward before I lunge forward and crack my heavy metal gloved hand against his jaw. I can't say that it's not satisfying to see his head recoil back. Another slam to his head and I at last feel as if I'm getting into the zone here.

He's stuck on the defensive, rolling with my attacks and trying to absorb my hits when possible. I might actually stand a chance! I--

Oh s**t!

I'm numb.

That's really the only way to describe how I'm feeling at this point. Whether it's a some dreadful combination of adrenalin and blood loss, the result is that where my body should be screaming in agony at this point, things are instead a simple crushing haze, pressing down and slowly suffocating the life from me.

But I could be mistaking that for Bane's hands around my throat. I lost track.

Get your ass in gear, Valley! He's just a man! Flesh and blood! He can be beaten like anyone else!

You are Azrael! Your mission of cleansing must be fulfilled! Death awaits those who stand in our way!

As my elbow hits Bane's nose, his grip around my neck slackens and he steps back while I finally get another blessed gasp of air. My second wind at last!

Every time that I find an opening, I tell myself that I need to make it count.

But something is different this time.

Whether it's this completely deserted street in its dead silence and the fact that no one in this miserable city is coming to save me, the notion that my Order has left me for dead, or the crippling reality that Bane is going to kill me, I just can't find the strength to get my hopes up again.


All I catch is the red flash in his eye and the calm and quiet hiss in his voice before things go black once more.


"Look into the soul of Bane and know the truth. We will topple your kingdom if it takes an eternity. We will defeat Hell."
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