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Default In nuce, why "Logan" is set in an alternate universe - 10 points

Why "Logan" is an alternate reality:

1- Old Man Logan killed the scientists in his version of the WX Program. Our Logan never did that in "Apocalypse", he slaughtered the soldiers.
2- There was no Transigen-Alkali in "Apocalypse".
3- There was no adamantium bullet in "Apocalypse". In the original timeline, the adamantium bullet was already used anyway, not available anymore.
4- There are mutant children in the school, at the ending of DOFP (2023). This means mutant births didn't stop in 2004, I mean in the mainstream X-Men universe.
5- "Deadpool" (set in 2016) never hints at a "lack of mutant births".
6- In DOFP Phoenix is alive. In the deleted scene of "Logan", Old Man Logan talks about killing Jean and his remorse.
7- They never talk about the time-travelling issue.
8- Caliban is totally different.
9- Logan is supposed to have been "masked and costumed" in his X-Man days.
10- Charles is 90 years old in "Logan" (2029). In the mainstream X-Men universe, he is born in 1932.

There are 3 timelines so far. FC is a divergence.
Fixing the X-Men Cinematic Timeline.
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Default Re: In nuce, why "Logan" is set in an alternate universe - 10 points

This is awesome!

But what I wonder is what general audiences think is going on with X-Men and when (if ever) they'll catch up to either the present or the future. They're going on the 5th movie in the past, but we sometimes jump to future stories like that of Deadpool, X-23 (in Logan) and now New Mutants and Cable (in Deadpool2). It needs to tie in somewhere and it needs some direct explaining and what you just explained could be stated briefly by Fox writers/producers at comic con or in an interview.

Man, I was really peeved when Shuler Donner said Days of Future Past would lead to Apocalypse (which, for us X-geeks, meant playing with time would awaken Apocalypse from his slumber) but the link between them just wasn't very clear to me!

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