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Default Does Farscape ever get good?

After seeing some people here and elsewhere online praising Farscape as one of the best sci-fi shows ever I figured I'd give it a shot.

But after watching the first episode and skimming through the next 4 I fail to see anything noteworthy or worthwhile here. Just seems like typical 90s sci-fi on par with Lost in Space, minus the star studded cast. Bad writing, VFX, sets, cinematography, music, stunts and acting all add up to a supremely underwhelming experience.

I'm failing to see why the show is so highly regarded. Nostalgia? The fact that the show pre-dated prestige TV so sci-fi fans had low standards?

I've been told the show picks up once Scorpius is introduced. Should I just jump ahead to that episode? Does Ben Browder's acting ever improve?

I was going to post this in one of the other Farscape threads but was unsure of this sites rules regarding dead threads.

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Oooh, plot twist!
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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

You can bump a relevant thread if you have something relevant to post. Which this is.

But yes, it does get good. You can skip to Scorpius' introduction if you want, but there is a ton from the early episodes that they pull from. Also, Chiana is an excellent addition to the cast.

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Here 'N' There
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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

I barely got to watch the show when it was on, but even I knew its appeal.
I almost thought watching the first ep for the first time would have too serious of a vibe, but then the "man from another place gets chucked into another" happens and it all feels just right.

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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

IMHO it picks up after Scorpious' introduction. I agree the first half of the first season is a little slow. Once they introduce the Scarrans and the Scarran conflict, things really pick up.

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The Squirrel
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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

Yeah I don't remember a lot of stand outs from Season One, but once Scorpius shows up the show starts kicking into gear.

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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

Stick with it. Those first episodes are rough.

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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

Farscape was great. Rygel was such a bastard!

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Pink Ranger
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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

It gets a lot better. Ben Browder kind of rubbed me the wrong way at first, but once he gets into the character and discovers the inherent humour of this situation, everything in the show comes together in a great way.

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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

I seem to remember getting hooked from the very beginning, so maybe this show just isn't for you Elayis.
One of the reasons that I absolutely love this is because it does not take itself seriously, like at all. And it works perfectly like that.

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Default Re: Does Farscape ever get good?

Yeah, I was in love with the show from the very first episode and loved everything about it until the end.

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