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Default Re: Jor-El as a villian?

I was toying with an elseworlds type idea a while ago...

krypton was doomed, Jor-El was a brilliant scientist devoted to Lara..
But amongst his genius was paranoia...
Jor-El doubted baby Kal-El was his.. In fact he suspected close friend and chief of Kryptons security force General Zod wa sthe father..
So he sets Zod up, manages to convince the elders of Krypton that Zod was to blame for Krypton becoming unstable
Jor-El creates the rocket ship inorder for him to leave Krypron not his son.
Zod is sent to the phantom Zone and Krypton begins to fall apart Jor-El attempts to escape but Lara stops him, she places her baby in the ship as she and Jor-El fight..
Jor-El kills Lara as the ship goes into an automatic take-off procedure..
Jor-El dies on Krypton, Kal-El survives...


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Default Re: Jor-El as a villian?

i always thought of jor el as the main villain.
putting aside the Terrance stamp /zod thing
he does nothing but nasty manipulative stuff to Clark.
he takes a girl in to the caves gives her powers to convince clark she's kara
not caring about the fate of the girl.
tortures him with a burning s symbol on his chest.
brain washes him into being his puppet (when he attacks the plane)
tries to freeze him in the fortress until humanity dies out?
the turn around at the very end where clark actually thanks jor el was kinda strange.
i would have said "you've been my most implacable foe dad screw you".

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Default Re: Jor-El as a villian?

Smallville did it already and they ruined it

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Default Re: Jor-El as a villian?

Sure, he was the main villain, of Smallville. But that's it. Jor-El isn't supposed to be the bad guy.

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