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Default Differences between Asgard

What were some of the differences you noticed in this film compared to the first film?

One I noticed was Odin's throne room was a lot smaller and less grandeur.

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Default Re: Differences between Asgard

It actually felt like a living, breathing place. Much more beautiful in this movie than the first. While the throne room may not look as grand, there is even more grandeur in the entire realm of Asgard now than before. Even the Bifrost looks better this time around. I had no complaints at all with Asgard. They did it justice in TDW...just some jaw-dropping visuals. Did you see Yggdrasil? It was amazing.

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Default Re: Differences between Asgard

I loved the look of Asgard in both movies. In Thor I saw it as how Kirby envisioned it & like ThePowerCosmic said, in TDW it felt a little more like a living breathing place. I look at it like they showed us Asgard from a different angle. The floating spires could still be there. The grand ceremonial throne room from Thor could still be there & the one shown in TDW could have been were the All-Father conducts his business. I hope that in future movies they do not change so much that Asgard looks like a completely different place, there has to be some continuity. I did see Yggdrasil & it was amazing!!!

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