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Old 06-08-2018, 11:26 AM   #26
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Default Re: Arrow Season 6 Finale: "Life Sentence"

I found the season to be decent. I'm not going to lie -- I started watching back in October (or whenever) when the season started, but after their mid-season break, I stopped following along until it got put on Netflix. So the first half is kind of blurry in my mind, while the second half, I rushed through from 10pm-1am or so while mixing in episodes of Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. So needless to say, I sped-watched this thing just to watch it without really stopping to appreciate it.

I think that this episode wasn't bad, I just can't shake the feeling that I know exactly what's going to happen... and what I think is going to happen drives me nuts. It's something that's been bugging me about these shows since the very beginning. I mean, this dates back to the DC O.G., Smallville.

Sometimes at the end of a season, the main protagonist goes away somewhere. At the end of Season 3 (I believe), Oliver and Felicity went away to live the suburban life, only to return in the first episode of the next season. Thus, there really is no consequence. It's like the last episode of the season is teasing the audience that there are grave consequences and our hero will disappear... only to have that consequence completely reversed on the very next episode. This infuriated me about Flash more than anything, where at least two season finales (the last one and the one before that, I believe) have painted Barry Allen into a corner, where he made a tremendous sacrifice that had grave consequences. But then, the very next episode, poof, he's fine.

So I find myself questioning why they'd even write that. If you can't follow through on the nail-biting cliffhanger that makes people mourn the loss of their favorite hero, then don't write one at all. Just give them a happy ending or something and pick up the next season normally. Don't build to this tragic event, just to have it all mean nothing in the very next episode.

So, knowing this formula, I have a strong suspicion that everything will return to the status quo in the next season. Because John made such a big deal about being the Green Arrow and because he got the suit at the end of this episode, I expect Oliver to remain in prison for... two, three episodes tops. I expect some weird cop-out to get him out where he's either pardoned or even more likely, they'll find some way to convince everyone that he's not the Green Arrow and that he was wrongfully accused -- or rather, confessed under less than good faith circumstances. Because like this, nobody will know his identity once more.

Next, I expect Quentin to return. I know it's crazy, but death isn't a strong-suit for these shows. Has a main protagonist ever truly died and stayed that way in Arrow? Sara, Thea, Laurel. And even when Felicity was shot and we're all thinking, "Oh no! What grave consequences!" there was still a cop-out to basically negate the entire thing as if it never happened. So, knowing that, I'm willing to bet that somehow, someway Quentin returns. Will it be this Quentin or an alternate Quentin? I don't know. But I'm thinking that he returns. Unless, of course, there's some contractual dispute or agreement that I don't know about.

I mean, looking at this season finale, how is this possible? If Oliver Queen is arrested by the FBI for being the Green Arrow, that means that vigilantism is still persecuted, right? So that means that the very next acts committed by the team would be deemed to be criminal, right? And it's not exactly hard to figure out who they are with the knowledge that Oliver Queen is Green Arrow... Anyone should be able to figure it out at this point, to be honest. So their secret identities are not so secret. And if their actions lend themselves to getting arrested, the police would have to be nimrods to not move in on them. Unless the police now condones their behavior, I guess that's one explanation (that's the Batman explanation, right?). But then, if everyone would know who they are, what's the point of even having costumes and aliases? All of these questions and more, if you want to follow what happened in this finale. However, as I've said, I expect everything to kind of go back to the way it was before and none of this to ultimately have a lasting effect.

I'm really, really sorry for my super long post. Does anyone agree, disagree, though?

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