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Default Re: Batman V Superman Box Office Prediction - - - - - - - Part 16

BvS actually had an opening weekend that was little higher than TDK or TDKR, and even that is slightly misleading, because BvS had a steeper drop over the 3 days.

So it's hard to argue that this movie didn't have the potential to have financial results of around a billion as a very realistic goal, at the very least.

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Default Re: Batman V Superman Box Office Prediction - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Grommers View Post
This wasn't even close to being a JL 0. Their was an arc for wonderwoman that didnt make much sense till Wonder Woman came out.

And no first outting for batman for any of the series has made 1 billion.

But I have realized that there is a better chance of it being cloudy with a chance of meatballs than to stop a couple people from using the "it's a box office failure" line in every single B vs S thread possible.
Who is the Big 3 in DC? Oh Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. If anyone of these characters were missing from a JL, that would be such a hit against the movie. Is there such a huge uproar that GL isn't in JL? Would we really lose sleep if the Flash, Cyborg or Aquaman weren't in JL?

Lastly, I didn't say it was a huge failure. I said it should have made more which is the common consensus among fans, critics and analysts.

Batman vs Superman had historic drops. I am a fan of the movie (UC specifically) but I am truly fascinated on just how little the general public was willing to give it repeat viewings and support it longterm, which is what's needed to stand among the titans of the all-time box office. I'll lay out a couple of noteworthy figures:
BvS had an $81 million opening day. For reference, Avengers, Avengers: AOU, and Jurassic World all opened in the $80-84 million range opening day as well. All three of those opened to $190+ million (2/3 opened to $205+ million, A:AOU probably would have as well, had the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, the biggest PPV of all-time, not been on the same weekend ). BvS was on pace to do so as well. Toxic word of mouth for BvS got around, post opening day, leaving it well short of that mark, $166 million, for reference.
  • There are 10 movies that have had $160+ million, opening weekend. All of them made over a billion worldwide except BvS.
  • There are 15 movies total that have made $150+ million, opening weekend. 13 of 15 outgrossed BvS. The two that didn't were two out of the Hunger Games franchise. One was the very first one, when it had almost no foreign market. The other was HG:CF and it only finished $8 million dollars short of BvS.
  • There are 24 movies that were able to hit $1+ billion worldwide despite having a lower opening weekend than BvS.
  • There are 42(!) movies that outgrossed BvS despite a lower opening weekend.
  • BvS made 50.3% of its total domestic gross on its opening weekend. For those that don't follow the box office, this is not the norm. Basically all, mildly successful and/or well-received movies, have a shelf life that doesn't result in their opening weekend being 50+% of their domestic gross. BvS was that anomaly. Here's a chart that has the top 200 or so, opening weekends of all-time. In the top 150, there are only two movies that made 50+% of its total domestic gross in its opening weekend. One was BvS. The other one? Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • To add on to the previous bullet, you can expand it to the 208 movies on that list. Those 208 movies being, all the movies to ever have a $50+ million opening weekend. To add onto BvS and FSoG, there are three other movies that made 50+% of their domestic total on their opening weekend - Paranormal Activity, Valentines Day, and Watchmen (another Zack Snyder film)
So here you go, I wouldn't call BvS a financial blunder but it's had the most historical drops not just for the genre but for box office in general. If you can't get past the hyperbole over the word "failure", and say that $873M = Super Successful when you have movies like GOTG2 and WW who are doing better on smaller budgets, than I don't know what else to say.

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Default Re: Batman V Superman Box Office Prediction - - - - - - - Part 16

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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