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Default Re: Preacher Season One, Episode One "Pilot"

Finally watched this, and yeah the pacing was a little off, but otherwise I really liked it. Never read the comics, but I loved all the weirdness on display here. Goes against the usual straight-faced, low-key tone of AMC's other programming and I dig it.


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Default Re: Preacher Season One, Episode One "Pilot"

I haven't seen anyone post ratings numbers yet but the pilot drew 2.4 million, second best for a scripted series in 2016 behind The People vs OJ Simpson.

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Default Re: Preacher Season One, Episode One "Pilot"


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Default Re: Preacher Season One, Episode One "Pilot"

I loved it. One of the best Pilots i've ever seen

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Default Re: Preacher Season One, Episode One "Pilot"

I've been hearing a lot about this show, by chance i happened to watch the Outcast premiere before i got around to this. The pilot for that was really great, i really dug it, the mood and overall characterizations were set up really well. Then i saw this, now i knew nothing about the outcast or preacher comics before going in so i had no idea what to expect, just knew they both had supernatural elements.

Holy hell was preacher a mess, now the tones for both shows are completely different. I guess you can say Outcast is more of a drama, and this is more "Fun". I didn't find it very fun, the character introductions were all over the place and not executed very well. I'm not writing it off yet, so we'll see how much it improves, maybe it was having watched it closely following Outcast, which i loved. Two completely different shows, so I'm trying not to compare them. But I'm disappointed Outcast isn't getting more buzz.

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Default Re: Preacher Season One, Episode One "Pilot"

If this is going to stick to the comics in a way there is a lot more to tell!!!

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Default Re: Preacher Season One, Episode One "Pilot"

Originally Posted by craigaat View Post
Anyone else love the old school sci-fi effects at the beginning?
i thought there was something wrong with my stream because the quality was rather poor, when i realized later it was done for style. quite funny really

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