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Default Re: This show looks awful!!!

Originally Posted by YJ1 View Post
I honestly wanted to like this show but it really is as bad as it looked.

The characters are such watered down versions of the source material but I could live with the near nothing powers. It's the shallow and idiotic characterization along with the cheap production value that sinks this completely.

I can't believe I paid full IMAX prices to see something this bad. If it wasn't Marvel I would be pissed (and not just disappointed). Since I'm a life-long Marvel nut I don't mind giving $20 on a Friday to them (especially since all of Marvel Publishing's SJW nonsense has made me stop buying the books). I have entertainment money to spend now that I don't buy comic books any more. It's a shame this series won't get any more of my attention.
You're not planning to watch the rest of the series? Does the IMAX movie pilot end in such a way that it is a self-contained film?

Almost any other Marvel series apart from Iron Fist seems like it would've been more interesting to see in IMAX. We could've had a theatrical edit of the Defenders to cut it down to a movie length.

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Default Re: This show looks awful!!!

No it's not self contained at all.

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