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Johnny Drama
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Default Re: "WHY....?": All the Unanswered Questions about X3 Script

He was just telling you to keep the thread on topic. Mods aren'y very discreet anyway.

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Default Re: "WHY....?": All the Unanswered Questions about X3 Script

Originally Posted by Krazy W View Post
I'd call it pseudo-modding, i.e. you do not have the authority to tell us what we should and shouldn't post. I'm sure the real moderators would be more discreet if they do.
I rarely come to the X-3 boards because most threads turn into a X-3 hate/love debate, and it's ridiculous. There was no reason to mention how much X-3 sucked, and it's unrelated to the thread topic; So instead of debating about X-3, I preferred to try to get the thread back on topic. So can we please just drop it.

Originally Posted by Johnny Drama View Post
1. Why no Kitty and Colossus love?
2. Why no Juggernaut Vs Colossus?
(both problems could have been solved when Kitty was running through walls from Juggy. Peter could have showed up full metal bad ass and saved her, thus igniting a spark between the two)
If I remember correctly, there was supposed to be a Jugg vs Colossus fight, because I think it was in a storyboard during the time Kitty goes to save Leech, and instead of Jugg running into a wall, he was supposed to fight Colossus. No idea why they didn't do it that way.
As for Colossus and Kitty love, just was never in the story.
3. Why is Juggernaut a mutant? Easier in storytelling as opposed to the whole Cyttorak story. I don't know why they dropped the Prof X relation though
4. Why is The Dark Phoenix a mutant? Eh, same thing for storytelling I guess. To me it's just lazy writing.
5. Why is Juggernaut european (I think he is british, I am not sure). At first it made sense because in the movieverse Proffesor Xavier is british. But then it occured to me that...
6. Juggernaut and Xavier aren't brothers in this movie. How come? Again, I blame lazy writing.
7. WHY KILL CYCLOPS? I'm sure some behind the scenes drama went on as James Marsden went to go film in Superman Returns, X-3's summer rival.
8. Why kill Cyclops in a story that is supposed to be based on The Dark Phoenix saga (Ratner lied) and replace him with...Wolverine? With Cyclops gone, Wolverine is really the only character that can sort of take his role in the DP Saga
9. Why is Wolverine the team leader? Even though Storm is on the team still. It makes no sense. Honestly don't know. I'd blame lazy writing and direction yet again.
10. Why did Rogue get rid of her powers? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of what they were fighting for and pretty much contradict the movie in general. Yes. It was an interesting sub plot that they messed up.
12. What was the point of Angel? Really! Eh, honestly, just to stop the school from closing(which it would never do because of only 2-3 deaths but whatever) and to save his daddy.
13. Where is Nightcrawler?? In the X-3 game, I believe he's gone because the X-Men life isn't the life for him or something. Yeah, it was stupid.
14. Why...did they kill...cyclops??
I know.

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