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Default Re: Luke Cage General Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by kguillou View Post
I'm on episode 8 and I'm enjoying the season. It's slow, slower than season one but the thing Luke Cage has going for it is its style and vibe. I love the vibe of the show: the characters, the music, the cinematography, the show just has an overall pleasant atmosphere to it that makes it fun to watch, you know what I mean? With Punisher and JJ season 2, they felt laborious, i didn't even get past the first episode of JJ season 2. Even though this show is slowly paced, its still enjoyable to watch.

I really wish they'd give Luke some kind of...uniform that he wears. I know Luke doesn't wear a costume in the comics, but seeing Mike Colter walk around in hoodies and raggedy clothes is so visually unappealing. Get creative, give him a cool look, whether its a yellow under armour shirt or...something. Like, come on.
The hoody is his 'cape'. It is his trademark look and we know he has a bulk stock box filled with them. I preferred Cage leather jacket look from Jessica Jones but he seemed to mostly abandon that look once he lost his bike. Cage rocked a leather jacket in his nineties comic series run.

They should have Cage visit Melvin Potter and get some armored clothing like Daredevil and Kingpin have
Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Was anyone else annoyed with the constant shootouts? Everyone knows he's bulletproof. Yet even those who know him, still waste ammo trying to stop him. Wish they'd start to get more creative, in finding ways to slow him down. Teargas would be a good start, that would probably affect him more than a grenade could. Or bring in more Hammer tech other than Judas Bullets. Why aren't more people running around with the Hammer suit from Season 1?
Pretty sure there aren't a whole bunch of Hammer super suits laying around. Diamondbacks looked like a prototype and was probably really expensive.

We did see
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Cockroach Hamilton's six barrel shotgun 'Josh'
do Cage damage. I think Cage was mostly hurt because he was unexpectedly shot at point blank range out of a widow though.

Vulture's gang was selling alien tech in weaponry in New York as well so some gangs having access to that stuff wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

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Default Re: Luke Cage General Discussion Thread - Part 1

Finally watched it. Excellent season. Now it's my 2nd fave Netflix/Marvel season after Punisher season 1.

I thought season 1 ended horribly, but this was an insane improvement. I'll probably gather my thoughts and do a better breakdown later.

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Default Re: Luke Cage General Discussion Thread - Part 1

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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