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Default Re-Writing Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Star Wars - Episode VII - An Ancient Fear

Starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Olivia Cooke, Scott Eastwood, Jack O'Connell, Eddie Redmayne, Lily James, and Benicio Del Toro.

The movie opens with a ship flying into a big Republic ship. The ship lands and Luke Skywalker exits. He is with his youngest & newest student, Conor (Jack O'Connell). Luke reunites with Leia. Leia gives Luke a map. This scene reveals that the map is the secret location of the ancient Sith Temple that has been hidden for centuries. Leia reveals that he better hurry to get there because the pirates that sold Leia the map, also sold the NEW ORDER the same map. This is also where we are revealed Luke wants to see his neice, KIRA SOLO (Olivia Cooke), but Leia tells him no. This is where the audience learns that Leia is very protective of her only daughter. Leia does not want Kira to follow her Uncle's footsteps as its too dangerous. Leia is very protective of Kira from her birth. Kira is hiding nearby, listening into the conversation. She is an ambitious teenager who has dreams of training to be a Jedi like her infamous Uncle. However, she knows her mother would never let her become a Jedi. Being an over protected child, she wants to have an adventure for once. She sneaks onto Luke's ship. The ship exits.

Enter the JUNGLE PLANET, Luke & Conor reach the Sith Temple. (RAIDERS OF LOST ARC HOMAGE SCENE) Luke & Conor enter the Temple and see the ancient ruins of the temple that once housed the Sith Lords during the famous Sith / Jedi war centuries ago. A large noise is heard and its revealed that Luke & Conor are not alone as the NEW ORDER has arrived. Enter GENERAL MAYU (Eddie Redmayne). The audience learns the main villain, a young ambitious spoiled rich kid who took over the New Order. His father was an admiral for the Empire who was killed. His son grew up with wealth and became obsessed with bringing back the Empire and he envisions himself as the new Emperor. His Storm Troopers begin to collect items from the Temple. General Mayu is an artifact collector of all things Sith & Jedi. A Storm Trooper tells General Mayu that they have discovered the item they are looking for the most.... Luke & Conor quietly look on. Mayu finds the hidden piece of the temple that is the most important. A human being trapped in carbonite. Not just any human being, but an ancient Sith Warrior. The troopers begin their work and revive the anceint warrior. He falls to the ground, his name is DARTH RAYNOR (Benicio Del Toro). Mayu has finally found his own personal Darth Vader to help him rule the galaxy in the near future and dismantle the New Republic. Raynor is mysterious and quiet. He won't talk. Luke whispers to Conor that Luke's intension was to destroy him in his state of sleep before revived. Outside the temple, Kira tries to sneak in, but she is no Jedi. She is caught. Brought before General Mayu. Raynor still trying to piece together what is going on. Luke hands Conor his lightsaber. He tells Conor to get Kira out of there. Luke sacrafices himself to free Kira. He makes a force boom to shake the temple to buy time and distract the New Order for Conor to escape with Kira. The two get in the ship and flee. Luke is caught and Luke confronts Raynor. Mayu wants Raynor to kill Skywalker, but Raynor does not. Raynor asks if there are more Jedi, in which there is. Raynor tells Mayu to keep him so the other Jedi come to look for him and use Skywalker as bait. Mayu tries to plead that Skywalker is the most powerful being in the galaxy, and Raynor laughs. Raynor replies he is. Luke is escorted away. Conor & Kira manage to escape on the ship and out run the New Order ships in an exciting chase scene. Conor is angry at Kira and the two have an interesting chemistry. Back to Mayu & Raynor. Raynor is caught up to speed on the times. Raynor needs to find the other Jedi and kill them immediately. Mayu says he doesn't know where they are, but there are rumors of someone strong with the Force who used to be a Jedi. He could be the key to where the Jedi temple is at. Raynor wants to confront this 'Lost Jedi'.

We cut to the planet of Azzio. A rocky junkyard planet. All ships are refurbished for use. Here we meet our other main character, KEN THE MECHANIC (Scott Eastwood). We see his life. He is a mechanic who works for a mean alien to repair ships. After a hard day of work, he sneaks off to see a woman he loves, ANNA (Lily James). The situation is that Anna is part of the Maleno colony nearby which is cut off of the rest of the planet. They have migrated there to work on gathering energy for the planet, Maleno. They have strict rules for when the galaxy disbanded after the Empire fell, their system decided to build up their own planet / army / food / etc - and cut off of the rest of the galaxy in case another war broke out, they would protect themselves. So they are not allowed to mingle with outsiders. Naturally, Ken fell in love with one of their own, Anna. Ken meets with Anna late at night. The scene is a romantic one where Ken says Anna is Force Sensitive and shows her force tricks to bond. Ken reveals he was once training as a Jedi, but left as being a Jedi was not the life he wanted to live. He admitted he was the most powerful student, but didn't want that power. He is satisified with living a simple life on Azzio working on ships.

Kira & Conor trapped, as they are so far out of the Republic system, they can't get any help. Kira admits she does know a person that can help them get through the galaxy back to the Republic. The system of CHAGGO is close by. They land. CHAGGO is a city planet mounted on hills, there are many bridges and the buildings are buried within many trees, a bit of Italian architecture - the opening scene of 007 Spectre, but not as dry, but the same type of environment. Kira and Conor run into instant trouble, but this is where we see Conor in Jedi action. His blue lightsaber does the trick to protect the daughter of the Republic. They go through the city and we see the scope of the planet.

Azzio - Raynor lands. He stalks the former Jedi. Ken lives in an abandoned Imperial ship. This is where Ken meets Raynor. Raynor acts as a stranger who is lost who's ship is broken. Ken helps Raynor out. The two form a bond, but Raynor is keeping his distance to get information about the Jedi.

Luke is brought to Mayu's EXECUTIVE DESTROYER, the largest ship in the galaxy. He is put in a prison cell surrounded by guards. Luke begins to plot and meditate. There is a confrontational scene between Mayu & Skywalker. Mayu has hatred for Luke, but the Jedi Master won't pay any attention to Mayu. The fact Mayu does not get attn from Luke drives him insane and angers him even more.

Conor & Kira find a ship business. Kira says this is it.... Kira walks in and HAN SOLO turns around. Kira calls him Han, Han says that he demands to be called 'Dad'. The two have a rocky relationship. Kira hugs Chewie, but not her father. Han and Leia broke up many years ago. Han was never in Kira's life and she has resented him for that. Han was never built to be a great father, but always loved Kira. She reveals that they have to rescue Luke because she messed up. She needs Han's help. Han sees the hurt in his daughter's eyes that her blunder caused Luke to be captured and possibly killed soon. Han and Chewie have to suit up.

Han & Chewie meet with a former New Order trooper who betrayed them named Norman. Han pays him for the location of where their ship is and we learn of the Executive Destroyer which is the only base that the New Order has, but it lacks power to go head to head with the Republic. Han, Chewie, Kira, & the young Jedi get on the Millineum Falcon. R2 has been deactivated for years. Kira reactivates him.

LUKE PRISON - Luke breaks off a piece of his metal hand to use it to mark the storm troopers. He stares at them from his cell.

Raynor has his ship fixed from Ken the next day. Afterwards, Ken heads to see Anna. Raynor learns that Anna's colony is about to complete their Azzio mission and head back to Maleno, which means Ken will never see Anna again. The night scene where Anna's colony is leaving and Anna does not meet Ken. Ken breaks into the village, Raynor watches on. Ken tries to find Anna as their ships leave. Ken is caught and brought to the Maleno colony leader. They tell him he is never to see Anna again and throw him out. This doesn't stop him, he continues his quest to find Anna. He finds Anna's ship from a distance. The ship begins to take off and an ANGRY Ken uses the force to hault the ship. Raynor is AMAZED by his force power. Ken can't keep the ship at bay, and it takes off. Ken screams in anger. Raynor senses his anger and vunerability. Raynor then admits he also has powerful force abilities and the two can get Anna back. Raynor says he has friends that can control the system he seeks to free.

On the Falcon, the emotional drama of the relationship between father and daughter is revealed. Kira consoles with Conor about her distant relationship with Han. How she felt he never wanted to be in her life. Han sends a signal to the Republic but says they won't be there for a long time.

LUKE PRISON - Luke continues to mark the rotating guards who guard the cell.

SITH TEMPLE - Raynor then seduces Ken to the dark side of the force. He introduces him to the Temple for a history lesson. Raynor says he wants something in return before fully training him, he wants the location of the Jedi temple. Ken can't reveal that to him. Raynor has to work on bringing him fully to the dark side. Ken tells Raynor he knows he's a Sith Lord. Raynor says he will be honest with Ken. Raynor was unfrozen after centuries in the Sith Temple. Ken wants to know why. Raynor says that when the Jedi fought the Sith, the Sith need 'insurance'. When the Sith was losing and dying, the remaining Sith determined that one Sith must be hidden away for many years to come out from hiding and to avenge the death of the Sith. He is now awaken and must finish the war. Raynor says he will take Ken to the New Order fleet, but wants to show him an ancient Sith secret that only he can know....

Kira and Han get into an argument. Han says she was better off without him. Kira cries. Han feels terrible about his actions. The drama stops as the Falcon is in danger against the New Order ships.

The Falcon manages to dock the Executive Destroyer (Too long to explain how they do it, too long to go into). Han, Chewie, Conor, and Kira head to rescue Luke. Luke feels the presence of his friends. Suddenly, his plan is revealed. The whole time, Luke has been manipulating the guards to serve him. The troopers release Luke and escort him out. Action sequence of Han, Chewie, Kira, and Conor going through the ship. R2 finds Luke.

Mayu has his troops rallied up to introduce them to his new 'Vader'. Darth Raynor. From a distance, Han and the gang see the speech taking place. Mayu announces the end of the Republic and how he will become the new Emperor. Han whispers 'not likely'. Mayu introduces not just one Sith Lord, but TWO and introduces Ken. Han sees the Sith threat. He is stunned. His demenor changes. He tells Conor to protect Kira at all costs and to find Luke. Han has to sacrafice himself to distract the villains for them to get to Luke. Kira sees his actions and she breaks down. Han has a last conversation with Kira to tell her goodbye and this is something he has to do. Kira tells Han she still loves him. Conor pulls her away and the three head out.

Han walks through the crowd of Storm Troopers to approach the Sith. "KEN !!!" Ken looks up and sees Solo. "Dad ?". And so it is revealed. Han & Leia had two children. When they split up, Han took the boy, Leia took the girl. Leia became protective of Kira, while Han tried to force Ken to become a Jedi, to pass him onto Luke. Ken never wanted to be a Jedi, but wanted to be a pilot and work on ships like his father, however, Ken and his father did not have a good relationship. And now this moment in the film is where we see Han realize his past sins of nothing being there for his children. But seeing his son with a Sith Lord was too much for Han. He will not let that happen. He will bring Ken back with him or die trying. This is the emotional scene. Han confronts Raynor and tells him he is not afraid of him. That he will take his son out of there. Raynor respects Han, but tells him he failed as a father and he promises to be a better father figure than Solo. Ken is conflicted. Raynor hands Ken his red lightsaber and tells him to kill his father.

Conor tells Kira that he will get Han back for her as he developed a caring relationship with her. Conor says that she needs to go get Luke because Luke can feel Kira more than him. That Kira has a power within more powerful than Conor himself. Conor gives Kira Luke's lightsaber for him and the two separate. Kira and Chewie reach Luke and a mini war breaks out in the ship. Luke gets his lightsaber back.

Ken prepares to kill Han, but Conor yells to stop the action. Ken ignites the red lightsaber and Raynor coaches him from a distance on the ship. Conor ignites his blue lightsaber. The duel of the amateur Jedi / amateur Sith begins. Not graceful, but the two trained. The disciple of Luke versus the more powerful former Jedi. Ken gets the upper hand and too powerful. He kills, striking Conor down.

Word gets around Luke has escaped, the troopers leave the area to find the enemies. Raynor claps at his new found Sith Lord. Han holds Conor. Suddenly, the Republic ships have arrived to distract everything. A space battle occurs. As the chaos erupts, Luke manages to find the ancient Sith Lord and his newly founded apprentice. Raynor and Luke have interesting dialogue as the two are from different eras, different training. The battle we've all been waiting for. Raynor vs. Skywalker. Ken watches on. Meanwhile, our heroes get to the Falcon. Han is injured, but Kira saves him. Kira says he has to get her Uncle back to the ship. She can feel where he is at.

Luke strikes Raynor down and fatally injures him. Raynor is hurt. Skywalker is still the most powerful being in the galaxy. Kira rushes in to guide Luke to the Falcon. Suddenly, she is dumbfounded when she sees her brother Ken. The two have a dialogue in which Kira tells him to come with him. Ken is a bit too far to the dark side, he admits this is his new life. He has work to do. Kira is confused by his path he took. Luke tells Kira that Ken won't come with them. The two leave.

Once the Falcon takes off, the Republic ships retreat as it was not so much an attack to destroy, but a diversion to free the heroes. Ken kneels down at downed Raynor. General Mayu enters. He is horrified at Raynor. Mayu tells him its okay because Ken will be his 'Vader'. At this point, Ken takes the lightsaber and stabs him to death. Mayu dies. Ken now takes control of the New Order.

On the Falcon, Luke reunites with his old friend, Han. The Falcon docks with a Republic ship. Luke separates from the Solo father and daughter to head back to Jedi Temple Planet. Han & Leia reunite. The two talk about Kira. Han says its time to let Kira go off on her own. She's grown up now. Leia hestitates but finally agrees.

The last scene of the film - ship lands on the waterfall planet where the Jedi Temple is. Luke is with his students awaiting the arrival of the ship. Han & Leia exit the ship to reunite with Luke. The three share a scene together. Reunited at last. With Chewie, R2, and 3P0 of course. Kira exits fully dressed in a new Jedi robe. She stands in front of Luke. Luke's student hands him a lightsaber, which she hands to Kira. As a symbol of her training will begin.


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Default Re: Re-Writing Star Wars Sequel Trilogy


-I wrote a rough draft of this before 2015, before I saw Force Awakens. I didn't complete it because I thought TFA would have been the best movie ever and would destroy my story. TFA was just a rehash, so I continued to finish my Episode 7. I doubt anyone read this, but in case there is a person somewhere in the world who read my story and enjoyed my take on it, I also wrote Ep.8 and Ep.9 as well. If you want to read those and interested, just let me know.

-Main Villain ; Darth Raynor. I decided I wanted a different villain than Palpatine. I had the idea of an ancient Sith warrior brought back to life, because I thought it would be interesting to have a mobile villain. Not just some old dude in a chair surrounded by guards all day, but a villain who would travel to different places and still obtain that same power. Snoke really made me angry at TFA bc it was just another old dude in a chair. I like the idea of a villain to finish what he started type of story. A man out of time, like a twisted Captain America.

-The Children of Han & Leia ; I thought for sure Kylo and Rey were brother sister in TFA before I saw it bc its such a cool idea to have a son and daughter from the two. And I thought it would be interesting to have one turn light and the other turn dark and how the two would go on different journeys. And if you think my stories are leading to an episode 9 climax of brother vs. sister, you would be incorrect - I tried to write that and hated it. Because it was so generic, so I drastically changed it to make it much more interesting, much more surprising. But the two have very separate journeys and you see their fate of both of them.

-Luke Skywalker in Ep.7 ; its been 30 years since ROTJ, I HAVE to give Luke his freaking bad ass moment. If this story was really a movie, the whole audience would just be WAITING for Luke to bust out that green lightsaber, and I did not want to disappoint them.

-The tone / fell ; I wanted it to be a true sequel to ROTJ. I wanted it to be an adventure movie. Rather than basing the story on previous SW movies, I wanted to do a spielberg-esque type of SW adventure movie.

-The Theme / Drama ; This is a story about a father and daughter. Its a very personal story between the relationship with Han and Kira. There are so many women out there that have distant bad relationships with their fathers, and I wanted to touch on that subject by using Han and his daughter. I think many would be interested in the story of a character reconnecting with her father. The Han / Ken relationship also just bumps up the theme of father and children. And what happens when a father leaves the life of a child, he turns to the DARK SIDE LITERALLY! So I thought it would be fascinating to write about.

-I wrote more detailed on all this stuff on my website, but i wont promote here, just pm me.

-I wrote Ep.8 a year ago and its funny because I made Ep.8 the most different, unique star wars film bc once u get to 8, u gotta change it up, so I was looking forward to TLJ, bc they changed it up, but I will always stand by word that I wrote a better Ep.8 than Rian Johnson. I dont care. My Ep.8 is one of my best stories I wrote. It has more surprises in it than TLJ, but I maintained the SW feel to it unlike TLJ, but I wont rant on TLJ here. Just saying I had a similar idea of making Ep.8 different from the rest, but I did better.

-Casting ; You guys may not know Olivia Cooke, but she's from the Bates Motel tv show. She's english actress and good age for the part. I wanted Benicio Del Toro as a Sith Lord in 2015 long before he signed onto TLJ. I was so mad that Benicio wasn't used properly for a guy as talented as him. He deserved to be the star of TLJ with a different role than a traitor stuttering codebreaker. Scott Eastwood is perfect for Star Wars universe. The fact he is Clint Eastwood son, just makes him even more perfect for the role. Ironically, he auditioned for the Han Solo character in Solo spin off film, but was turned down. I hope he eventually ends up in SW once day. I think he is more talented than ppl give him credit for. He was really good in 'Snowden'. His part in Suicide Squad was way too small. I picked Lily James just bc I think she'll work well with Scott Eastwood and I need someone good because she has a major part in my Episode 8.

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Default Re: Re-Writing Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

I will post Episode 8 when I have time. Hopefully there is someone reading this to give me motivation to continue.

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