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Default Re: The Official God of War Thread - Part 1

So I see the price for the remastered version is currently listed at $39.99. For those that haven't played it, sure, I guess that's a decent price to start at but I still think starting at $29.99 would be the way to go.

At least it's not $50 like the original price of TLoU remastered but GoW 3 being a 5 year old game (that still holds up well in my opinion) it shouldn't be that high anyways. $40 seems Ok for those who haven't played it, but they should have gone with $30.


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Default Re: The Official God of War Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
Wow, great post. I still love GoW3, but it's just really cool to see you break it all down. You clearly are much more intuitive and perceptive than I. I gotta agree, GoW2 had a more interesting and varied story; I liked the range and scope of the story...the characters were all great and the locations were so epic. It was just a great adventure. GoW3 was pretty much "Kratos' Revenge Tour through Olympus" but I was still blown away by the graphics and sheer production value. Poseidon and Hades were better than anything in the series (apart from Kratos vs Zeus in GoW2). Perhaps one reason for the game becoming "small" as you said was because they wanted to capture a sense of closing in on Zeus and the end? With each Olympian Kratos killed, I think they wanted to show the effects on the world and create a foreboding sense, and also how the journey had boiled down to one ultimate purpose-kill Zeus. Just something to think about.

Care to elaborate why you didn't like the "look" of the game compared to GoW2? I enjoy reading your insights.
First off, thanks for the compliment and the well reasoned response.

Also, so I am clear, I do like GoW3. I have beat it multiple times over the years and I would say it is a good game. But it falls really short of the brilliance of the first two games (both of which are very different from each other), as well as the very strong Ghost of Sparta. It feels rushed. Even the final battle with Zeus was a let down after the battle in GoW2 imo.

I never had a problem with it being Kratos' revenge tour. That was sort of the whole idea. I was also a fan of the idea of Pandora awaking the humanity in Kratos, aswell as Athena and the Titans both using Kratos as a means to an end. The entire Hades portion of the game is perfection imo. What a beautiful touch to include the history between Kratos, Hades and Persephone from Chains of Olympus. But only the Hades part of the game seemed to use the story potential to its fullest. Kratos' transition rings false, as the interaction with Pandora is base and very minimal. When the Titans turn on Kratos, you'd think it would be on like Donkey Kong, but they more or less just brush it to the side outside of a few moments. Outside of Hades, Hercules and Poseidon it is a lot of missed chances.

I also got the idea that they wanted the world to close in on Kratos, but the problem is they start it rather early, with plenty of game still to go. Doesn't leave much meat to the gameplay. The world could get smaller and smaller, while still having worthwhile bosses to fight. GoW2 did just that actually. Kratos' path narrows, but there are still interesting fights in the final quarter of the game. There was no reason why Apollo and Artemis, the two fights I and making others been waiting for since day one, couldn't have happened. Heck, they even had their weapons crafted. They could have stood directly between Kratos and Zeus. The last obstacle, instead of another obscure Cerberus fight.

When it comes to looks, it really is just personal preference. I understand that they wanted the world to show the effects of the war, but how they did it just doesn't work for me. From the very start there is an overcast, rainy day look that doesn't please my eyes. Hades is a little better, as every once and while you see a real dose of color. Especially in the battle with Hades. I understand they weren't going for the vibrant, luscious look of the second game, but they did kind of go with a similar idea to the first game. And I feel like the first game avoided draining the world of color, while still pulling off that grayish world.

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Default Re: The Official God of War Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Not sure if you're calling the entire game or the ending a piece of ****. I wouldn't call the ending a piece of ****, though it was pretty lackluster. The entire storytelling (or lack thereof) was. But the game as a whole was fantastic to me, even though I prefer 1 and 2.

I agree with the rest of your posts. It's one of those examples where the end justifies the means. If a "stupid" idea lets me play as Kratos in the Norse mythology, I'm very happy as long as that "stupid" idea is presented well.
I just meant the ending. The games itself is alright, but I honestly think the ending is beyond awful, doesn't work in the slightest and is just cheesily dumb.

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