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Default Re: 2017 NFL Thread: Days of Money

The NFL is not very consistent on suspensions.

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Default Re: 2017 NFL Thread: Days of Money

It's as accurate as their excessive celebration rules.

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Default Re: 2017 NFL Thread: Days of Money

One of my managers in SHHFFL XV has not made any indications that he'll return for this season, so I might need a new manager to relocate and take over he franchise.
This is our 15th season, and most of our managers/teams are pretty consistent year in & year out.

All I need is someone who will play their players regardless if their team sucks donkey balls, be willing to be part of our SHHFFL Family every year, and do a little smack talk in our thread.

If any one is interested, please post in the SHHFFL XV thread (see the link below).


Mike the Commish.

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