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Default Wow show ended 7 years ago today! Also how did you get into the show?

So i didn't realize this but the show had its very last episode 7 years ago today may 13. I started watching the show again the last few days or so and man i wish this show was like still on even though i do think it was time to end when it ended has seasons 10 felt like it was just filter episode ever episode. Kind of wish i could watch the show for the first time again. I have seen ever episode counting when they where on TV between 3-5 times once i finish going threw the show this time. The later seasons like 9-10 i think more like 3 and the other seasons more like 4-5. I started going threw the show again a while back but stopped on early part of seasons 6 before i started up a few days ago because of like sports, video games and while just life.

When it comes to how i got into the show I was never a big superman fan and i didn't get into the show in till it had already had like 5 done with. I had heard about the show but i had never watched the show before at that point in time. One night i saw they where showing the show on abc family during the summer or something. They where showing reruns i think at around 11 at night like 3-4 nights a week i think may have even been 5 and i there was nothing really on TV and so i thought well i will watch this there is nothing better on TV right now any way. I dont remember what the first episode was that i saw but i thought it was interesting so i thought maybe i will watch some more. I ended up watching a few more episodes and i was then hocked. During that summer before seasons 6 started i tried to watch has many reruns on ABC family has i could. I think during that summer i ended up seeing like 80% of the episodes from seasons 1-5. Once seasons 6 started i started to watch the new episodes of seasons 6 on CW like live. I think around 2008 i started to collect the smallville seasons dvd starting with season 1 i think for xmas present. After i started getting the seasons dvd i started going threw them starting with the like 20% of the seasons 1-5 episodes i missed when on tv. After that i kind of went to episodes that i remember liking more then other ones. Right now going threw the show in order on seasons 6 and this will be the first time i have went threw the show in order from start to finish.

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Need to rewatch about 5 to have a final list.
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Default Re: Wow show ended 7 years ago today! Also how did you get into the show?

I watched the pilot.
It was a flawed show, but I enjoyed it.

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Default Re: Wow show ended 7 years ago today! Also how did you get into the show?

My favourite TV show of all-time for sure, warts and all.

In the UK we didn’t get the show until either New Years Eve 2001 or New Years Day 2002. I cant quite remember which it was but I do remember I wasn’t even aware of the show. My Dad told me about it said on Channel 4 there was a show about a young Superman coming on. We watched it he didn’t like it but I loved it. Watched every episode from there on out didn’t miss a single one.

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Default Re: Wow show ended 7 years ago today! Also how did you get into the show?

I honestly can't remember exactly how and when I first saw the show. I'm pretty sure I caught an episode or two from either season 1 or 2 on the tv and I quickly became a fan.
I was already somewhat into superheroes at the time but I'm positive the show helped me become the nerd that I am today, especially in exposing me to other characters from the DC universe that would appear on the show.
Even though the show had it's ups and downs I still consider it one of my most favorite shows.

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Default Re: Wow show ended 7 years ago today! Also how did you get into the show?

I used to watch new episodes on Wednesdays with my dad wayyyyyyyyyy back

my parents divorced while i was really young and it was one of the only things that brought me and my dad together, so it has a big sentimental value to me. Will always have a special place in my heart.

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